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Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

Very rare and probably very few farmers are aware that plants require organic matter for survival. Not a few farmers who think that when using chemical fertilizers which many will get results very much anyway.
At this time a lot of the actors (farmers) who use the chemicals for fertilizing, and has a tendency to be more giving chemical fertilizers, because of the high expected results but from time to time instead of increasing actually decreases.

Based on data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, shows the data that was terrible for our agricultural land, lots of land country of Indonesia has organic matter content of less than 1%. While the various experiences and research experts expressed high levels of organic matter in the soil will greatly help maximize the results obtained entrepreneurs (farmers).

A little history about the need Fertilizer Indonesia

Before the independence of Indonesia, farmers are very happy to use organic fertilizer in doing agricultural cultivation compared with Inorganic fertilizers (Chemistry).

But the fact is reversed when in the 1960s farmers began to use a lot of chemicals in conducting agricultural cultivation, the more worrying the role of organic fertilizers be considered no role in agriculture so that many farmers who ignore it.

Chemical fertilizer production was from time to time is growing very rapidly, so that when calculated in price, the inorganic fertilizer (chemical) becomes very cheap compared with organic fertilizer.

And supported by at temukannya many improved varieties of various studies are more suitable and better when using inorganic fertilizer (chemical). Resulting in a lot of fact found that degraded agricultural land, resulting in declining levels of organic matter from agricultural land.

Solutions to Overcome Setbacks Organic Materials on Agricultural Land

Fact discovery by many experts say that agricultural land actually require organic fertilizer as a source of fertilizer and nutrients, instead of artificial fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are also very useful as a soil ameliorant or improve the quality of the land as farmland.

The use of green manure

Green manure is one of the organic fertilizer obtained and acquired agricultural land at very low cost and easy.

Source of green manure can be retrieved and obtained from plants or plants that are not useful (that is usually burned by farmers). It also can be obtained from the remains of plants s9sa which is the remainder of the harvest.

The simplest way of processing of green manure is to immerse the raw materials or to the conduct of composted for faster results or before if the land in organic matter spread on land then sprayed with the bacterial decomposition.

Utilization of rice straw as organic materials

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer (green manure)

Benefits that will be felt by farmers is increasing the productivity of agricultural land. Due to the increased levels of organic matter and nutrients in the soil, then by itself will improve the properties, chemistry and biology had land or agricultural land.
Other perceived benefits are more easily perform the processing of land because the land is getting better
Prices organic fertilizer is cheap and very easy to obtain from nature
Organic fertilizer contains micro elements are more complete than with chemical fertilizers
Organic fertilizer will give life to the soil micro-organisms
Another advantage of organic fertilizer that has the ability to mobilize or bridging nutrients in the soil so that it will form the ion particles that are easily absorbed by plants
Has the ability to release nutrient soil very slowly and continuously, so that will help prevent excess supply of nutrients that make the plant poisoning
Able to keep moisture out of the soil, thus reducing the pressure or stress on the plant soil structure
Able to help prevent erosion of topsoil
Able to maintain and care for soil fertility
Benefit to human health, because a lot of the content of nutrients and a more complete and more

so little discussion about the benefits of organic fertilizers, may be useful, and we can be more caring and keeping our soil conditions, in order to remain healthy and can improve the productivity of his produce..

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