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Easy Ways Aquaculture Eel Good and True

Eel, probably not many people know this type of fish. Eel is is the one commodity that is most searched in Japan. Eels in Japan called unagi or udanon. Usually in anime depicted as a giant fish. But in fact the Japanese themselves are not able to meet the needs of eels for the country because it is only capable of producing around 30% only. For 70% of the eels they bring in from other countries as one of Indonesia.
When this has been a lot of entrepreneurs who try their luck in the business of farming eels using tarpaulin media pool. Eel demand is high enough to make the price of eels in Indonesia experienced a surge. Of course provide bright prospects for the Indonesian farmers because farming eels can be done in freshwater pond or using tarpaulin media like catfish farming.

Sure enough, for those of you who are interested in starting the cultivation of eels is you can start by creating a pool tarp. With a tarp, you can save the use of land so that the land that is small you can still maximize the results of this eel fish farming.

Culturing eel is not too difficult, but we need to pay attention to the tricks and strategies of how to raise this kind of eel. For the area, we can utilize the available area of ​​the home page. As for the pool to be used for fish farming, we can easily use the pool tarp. Would make a tarp pool is not as complicated and expensive as to make permanent pools, in addition, a pool tarp also has many advantages. In addition to knowing how and cultivation techniques, we also need to know how to create a pool and intricacies.

Tarpaulins Swimming Excellence for Aquaculture Eel
Swimming tarp has many advantages compared with other types of pools, especially for the cultivation of eel at home. In addition to the cultivation of eels in the pond tarpaulins and tips for raising eels, we need to know the advantages of this tarpaulin pool.
  • Temperature of water in the pool is likely to be stable tarp.
  • Eels farmed in ponds tend to be odorless ground tarp.
  • Kola kind of mini suitable for areas that lack water.
  • Eel harvesting is likely to be easier.
  • The cost of making the pool tend to be lower.
  • Easy to clean.
How To Make Swimming Tarpaulins for fish breeding eel
In addition to the advantages of raising eels in the pond tarp and advantages of this technique than by using ponds or other media, we need to know how to create a pool tarp for eel cultivation. To install a pool on the floor instead of the ground, then weave among others:
  • Make the order to the pool, can use wood or iron.
  • For the sides, make fences of wood or bamboo.
  • Prepare the base before installing tarps to avoid sharp objects and make leaky tarps. Alas can be made from rice husks as well as carpeting.
  • Put a tarp and tied to the frame-frame.
For water circulation, required some equipment. Some of them are water pumps for pools, pool filters, aeration rocks, and also for the air hose. By installing the equipment will make the circulation of water and better hygiene.

Appropriate feed for eel Fish
In addition to the terms of the pool and its equipment in the way of fish farming in ponds eel tarpaulin, is also worth noting that the feed problem will also affect the seeding, although the type of feed eels tend to be similar to other fish. Feed can be given at the eel, among others:
  • Earthworms
  • Protein pellets more than forty percent, either sinking or floating.
  • Shrimp and small crabs live.
Water Environment Necessary for eel Fish Livestock
Water conditions suitable for eel and need to be considered include:
  • Temperature, for local eel seedlings, the appropriate temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius, the temperature suitable for seeding.
  • Oxygen, minimal oxygen dissolved in water is between ½ to 2 ½ ppm.
  • Salinity, for the type of local, appropriate is between six to seven ppt.
  • PH or acidity level, for this type of fish is seven to eight.
Tips Aquaculture eels in Swimming Sheeting
By understanding the things on top of the technique and the way livestock, breeding and enlargement eel will not experience significant difficulties, of course, have to pay attention to the good seed anyway. In addition, there are several tips on how farming eels in the pond tarp that we can follow, among others:
  • Pump an extremely important role in the cultivation of this eel, namely the water and act as a driver of enriching the oxygen content in the water.
  • When giving feed on eels, do not forget to turn off the pool pump in advance, so that the feed can focus on specific areas.
  • Feed regularly given three times a day.
  • For fresh feed, for example, worms or shrimp, give at least three times a week.
Thus the discussion about the cultivation of eels, may be useful. Thank you


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