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How To Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer With Materials Coconut Fiber

In the environment around us a lot of waste materials that seem useless, but its function there if we are to seek to know and want to initiate a change.
Cocopeat Liquid Organic Fertilizer
One is like the title of this discussion, it turns out that the material is a waste of a coconut in the form of coconut fiber. Generally, only the coconut husk is used as fuel to cook in the kitchen. Yet besides coconut fiber also can be used as organic fertilizer. Coconut fiber contained in the materials needed by plants such as potassium and chloride crate discussion about the "BENEFITS OF COCONUT FIBER OR COCOPEAT". The function of the potassium and chloride for the plant is to strengthen plant roots. The construction is also quite easy so you can definitely make yourself at home. How, you interested in making? Here's how it's done:

Tools and materials
  • Coconut coir 25 kg.
  • Drum former 1 piece.
  • Water 40 liters
Ways of making
  • Clean the coconut husk of the outer skin.
  • Coco fiber that has been cleaned put into drums.
  • Fill the container with water until half filled.
  • Cover tightly and place it in the shade drum.
  • Avoid sunlight and rain water and let stand for 15 days.
  • Every morning / afternoon drum lid is opened so that the fermentation gas can come out and stirred.
  • Checks on day 16, when the soaking water color changed to yellow-black color, the liquid manure from coconut husk ready to be used to fertilize crops.
  • The use of bacterial decomposition can accelerate results manufacture of liquid fertilizer.
Description: The highest nutrient content in manure is potassium.

The use of liquid fertilizer with a ratio of 1: 15 (1 liter of liquid fertilizer: 15 liters of water) and adjusted to the type of plant, the larger the plant the more their liquid fertilizer use.

Okay, here's a little information that I can give about the experience How to Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer With Material Coconut Fiber, and you can also try to read my guide others about how to make organic fertilizer that is good and true, or how to make natural pesticide that might be useful to support you in your gardening activities at home. okay maybe that was it from me, may be helpful and useful for those of you who are already taking the time to visit and read my writing. and do not forget to share it with others, so that many people who know how to make your own liquid organic fertilizer.

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