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How Easy Banana Cultivation of Good and True

Banana is one of the plants commonly found in our environment; bananas can be grown in various locations and require only simple maintenance. Banana is a major tribes musaceae; there are various species of this tribe who are in Indonesia and almost all of them quite commonly consumed as a fruit. Bananas appeared in a formation composed called bunches; menjari lined with fruit group called a comb.
Banana Cultivation

Getting to know the type - the type of Bananas

Almost all bananas are yellow when ripe and green when young. Some types of bananas such as plantain and banana are very popular in the community. Several types of local bananas as kepok banana, banana milk and bananas horn is also quite prevalent in the market. While some other types such as banana cavendish bananas, banana and banana kirana may sound less familliar to society.

Banana is a fruit with a wealth of excellent nutrition; containing starch or carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Banana cultivation is developed based on the type and purpose of cultivation. Several types of fruit consumed bananas not yet become a fan ornamental plants such as banana and abaca banana. As for tips and procedures for banana cultivation is carried out through several stages as follows.

Choosing the Banana Plant Seeds

Banana seedlings is a very important part in the cultivation of bananas a good way. Banana seedlings can be purchased or prepared yourself. Banana plant seeds to be planted should be selected that have had a high one to one and a half meters and has a tuber or root portion of bananas with a width of about 20 cm. Highly recommended to select seeds of banana tree stems and fruit good; This is one of the banana cultivation techniques in order to get good results. Height and genetic pathways of banana seedlings will greatly affect the results; in this case is the number of bananas in the comb and comb in a number of bunches of bananas.

Setting up the Banana Tree Seedlings
Banana tree breeders to be taken seedlings planted at a density or spacing of 2 meters of the banana tree to another. Each - each tree shoots maintained in order to have a number of 7 to 9 pieces. Cutting or thinning shoots must be done so that the number of shoots remain on the ideal number 7 to 9 buds. Too many shoots that grow will affect the size and quality of the seeds produced. Banana seedlings which had been separated from its mother should receive special care to avoid the disease and can grow well.
After the shoot or cut banana seedlings; the soil attached to the roots must be cleaned. Store seeds in a shady place for 2 to 3 days for the cut in the bud dries. Soak bulbs and partly stems of banana seedlings with insecticide 0.5 to 1% for 10 minutes or soak in water for 2 days and 2 nights. If suspected to have contained the nematode pests in planting location; tuber immersion in hot water for a few minutes to prevent the attack after planting bananas.

Media and Land Planting Banana
Media and land to plant banana is a very important part to produce bananas that both quality and quantity. Land planted bananas must be cleared of grass and weeds so that the banana tree are not scramble nutrients from the soil. Tilling the soil is also required; besides it is also necessary if the contour swales sloping land and water drainage is also worth noting that the banana tree can grow to a maximum. Swales on sloping land will prevent erosion; Gastric Data swales planted with legumes such as Leucaena and placed rocks - rocks to prevent erosion.

Banana Planting Techniques
As for how to grow bananas recommended is within a fairly tenuous; between - between or within the banana trees can be planted with other crops with intercropping methods. Vegetables or annuals can be used as selection of plants in the garden banana intercropping. Hole to plant bananas should be made with a size of 50 cm x 50 cm with a depth of 50 cm also with a spacing of approximately 3 meters between one tree to another tree. By way of planting or cultivation of bananas a good way then the result can be a maximum of bananas in quality and quantity.

Banana trees should be planted before the rainy season; but in areas with sufficient water, the bananas can be grown throughout the year with good results. Each planting hole should be filled with compost at a dosage kurangl ore 10 to 20 kg. The quality and taste of bananas will be affected by the quality of the soil so that fertilization will make sense and be a maximum size of bananas.

Banana Tree Maintenance

Banana plantation should receive regular maintenance as part of the banana plant engineering by performing thinning and weeding. One of banana trees should consist of 3 to 4 stalks; therefore, thinning should be done. Choose a banana stem with good conditions and strong; Defective or small trunk can be cut. Weeding is also very necessary to control the population of grass and weeds and maintain soil friability level. Average - average banana roots were 15 cm below the soil surface; This can be considered the depth of weeding done.


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