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An Easy Way to Make Aquaponics at Home and urban farmers

Simply put Aquaponics can be described as a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.
This is where the name comes from an aquaponics. The concept is very simple. Water along with fish waste from fish farming channeled to the plant because it has a lot of nutrients needed by plants whereas if disposed of waste would be useful. The plants will absorb the nutrients in the water and the fish feces. Instead, the plant will provide oxygen to the fish through the water that comes from fish farming.
An Easy Way to Make Aquaponics at Home and urban farmers
Aquaponics system
In aquaponics generally plants are planted in a planting medium that is separate from the fish tank. Water is pumped from the fish tank into the planting medium and flowed back into the fish tank.
There are three basic systems in aquaponics growing media.
The planting medium is filled gravel, expanded clay, or other similar media are the simplest form of aquaponics. This system can be done in two ways:

With continuous water flow or ebb field cycle.
An Easy Way to Make Aquaponics at Home and urban farmers

Pictures aquaponics Tidal (ebb and flow) Simple:

1. fish tub
2. The water pump
3. The planting tubs
4. auto siphon
5. The planting medium
6. buffer

Deep Water Culture
Is one of the methods that are commonly used commercially. water is pumped
from the fish tank through the filtration system. Then the water is pumped to a long channel where a floating raft filled with plants is the water surface.
Or the following models:
An Easy Way to Make Aquaponics at Home and urban farmers
You can also download videos on : Tutorial is a simple way to make-an aquaponics.

But both these farming systems can not be linked directly. Because the water from the reservoir fish rich in ammonia that certainly can not be absorbed by plants. Ammonia must be converted first into nitrite and nitrate form. Therefore, between the two systems laid intermediary in the form of microorganisms alias microorganisms. Nitrosomonas bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite. Then by bacteria Nitrobacter, nitrite is converted to nitrate. Currently, up to the planting environment, nitrates absorbed by plants to help growth.

Making the aquaponics system is fairly simple, although in many countries, especially Australia, various kinds of variations have been created. Some simple things you need to be prepared is the fish tank, growbed or tanks to grow the plants, medium to grow the plants and are usually in the form of stone, water pump for pumping water into growbed, air pump to deliver oxygen to the fish, and of course the fish along with the plants, as well as One thing that is important is the siphon that serves to suck water from growbed and return it in the water tank so that the plants do not rot due to waterlogged.

Buddy does not need to make these systems in large sizes, simply by a modest size for starters. Aquaponics which I have at home just for a water bath diameter of no more than 1 meter. For more details, please download his videos here.

Thus a brief explanation about An Easy Way to Make Aquaponics at Home and urban farmers, what is written may be useful to the reader, and if the reader practice in the video tutorial continues to find trouble, please ask in the comments field. And please read also articles about How To Make Easy Hydroponics At Home and Cultivation In Vertikultur.

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