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Biological Pest Control With Akatoshiro / Red Bacteria and White Bacteria

Is a type of bacteria that has the ability as an insecticide and Nematisida Biology. His ability as a biological pest controller s makes a lot of additional value so as to present is much in use in the world of farming, especially organic farming. For more details about akatoshiro in biological pest control I have to say the following about the profile:
Red and White Bacteria (Akatoshiro)
White bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis was able to make toxins that can kill many kinds of caterpillars

Nature: Toxic stomach

Ways of working :
White bacteria produce a poison called endotoxin, these toxins will be activated by reaction with a basic compound in the stomach of insects. Once entered into the digestion of insects, the endotoxin will be active, and poison the caterpillars. Caterpillar stops eating and over time will die with black colored body.

RED bacteria, Serratia marcescens are capable of producing enzymes that can disrupt pest, effective against caterpillars, mites and nematodes.

Ways of working :

Nature: Toxic contact
Red bacterium produces the enzyme chitinase and Poisons cytotoxins, which can degrade chitin-containing insect skin. Once the bacteria enter the cell red pest, the bacteria will multiply and produce cytotoxins pests that damage cells. Pest infected has a characteristic reddish body.
Terms applications: make sure the red and white bacterial spray coat the entire surface of the plant. For applications in the ground, pour solution into the soil bacteria food source along.

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Similarly, a brief review of akatoshiro in biological pest control, there are many benefits contained from two types is biological pest control, especially for those who are fond of organic farming, might be a guide to him in controlling pests biologically and most importantly does not harm the environment ,
Hopefully what is conveyed can be useful, and do not forget to share it, and gives G + that this article could be on google for those seeking guidance on biological pest control in creating a healthy farm.

Source : BPPI

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