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Controlling Pests and Diseases Or Fungus On Plants Using Natural Fungicide Slurry California

California slurry is a pesticide that can be made using raw materials that are very easy to obtain and is an alternative pesticides that can be used to control various types of pests and plant diseases, more importantly, is very inexpensive manufacture. California porridge is very effective and remarkable in overcoming the disruption caused by the fungus plants or fungi, and certain kinds of groups akarina. Or fungi and fungal diseases that attack the stem crust can be controlled with a slurry of California, as well as mites that attack the leaves and fruit as well as can be to prevent interference or attacks from pests and other diseases. How to apply slurry can california through spraying and painting.
Controlling Pests and Diseases Or Fungus On Plants

Simply the raw material to make it is expected that many farmers want and try to implement it, so in terms of production costs can be minimized in the procurement of drugs for the plants and most importantly, farmers began independently in the process of cultivation is one of them independently in controlling the disease or fungus and pests in plants, in the hopes of farmers will no longer dependence with products - products sold in the shop - farm shop which sometimes make farmers become confused by the many types -type existing drugs and worse still is the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides excessive make pest and plant diseases become resistant.

With knowledge or information that is owned by farmers about the making fungicide slurry california be an alternative that could help in preventing or controlling pests and diseases of plants, with the use of regular and continuous hope no longer sentences on pests and diseases of plants that are resistant to control, and with the application of this pattern we may be more concerned with the natural conditions due to begin reducing the use of synthetic chemical pesticides or fungicides.
For more details on california porridge in controlling pests and diseases in plants or fungi us, here we will explain how to make and apply them to our plant pests and disease or fungus.

For how made as follows:

Materials and equipment used to make porridge california, among others:

Material :
Sulfur 1 kg, 2 kg Lime, Water 10 L

Basin, cans of paint,. Stove / furnace wood. Wooden stirrer, jerry cans / bottles
Controlling Pests and Diseases Or Fungus On Plants

How to make :
  • Thaw chalk or limestone in the basin with water as much as 5 liters (the goal is to turn off the chalk or lime makes no heat).
  • Sulfur finely crushed to powder or as flour.
  • 5 liters of water enter into the canister and then we heat it on the stove until lukewarm.
  • After the warm water in the tin, then we enter the sulfur and lime that has been dissolved in the water in the basin to be heated.
  • During heating a mixture of sulfur and lime that should stir using a wooden stirrer so that no deposits of chalk media.
  • Heated to boiling and the color changed to red almost like tea.
  • After changing the color of the mixture of sulfur and lime, then cooled for 24 hours so that precipitates and obtained reddish clear liquid like tea at the top.
  • After a cold and precipitates, then take the liquid in the upper part reddish like tea and enter into jerry cans / bottles to be stored. Keep in mind not to be mixed with the sediment rough parts, so taken was clear water reddish sediment and can be stored in bottles for use as needed us.
  • Extract Porridge California ready for application as a fungicide with a dose of 5 ml / liter of water to combat pests and plant diseases or fungus on us.
  • And deposition of sulfur and lime before we have to separate them can be used for dusting or painted trough stem of the plant affected by the disease or fungus, its function is the same for controlling diseases in plants or fungi us who have been severely attacked our plant stems.
Fairly easy and cheap is not in the making, so we are back again at the farmers want to dependence with the product provided the manufacturer of the pesticide or fungicide that is widely available in the farm shop or the patience we to make slurry california as an excellent alternative in controlling pests and diseases or fungi on plants we independently.

But instead I am pessimistic, but see the reality that was already far in terms of practical and dependence on products sold at the farm shop, a lot of making farmers become lazy to create their own good to just looking for information or want to practice immediately.

Controlling Pests and Diseases Or Fungus On Plants
With the presence of this article, hopefully later on many farmers who know information about alternatives to control pests and diseases in plants, and began to detach itself from dependence on the products that are traded.

Thus the experience I can share about how to control pests and disease or fungus on the plants we are, hopefully those described above can be useful to readers, and do not forget to share it with others so that this article can get more benefits, if there are many that need to be asked please ask in the comment section, or would like to share the experience after practicing this way.

And do not forget to take the time to give G + that this article into google reference for those seeking information that is cheap and easy alternative in controlling pests and diseases or fungi on plants.

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