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Easy Ways Guava Cultivation of Good and True

Pink crystals is developed varieties of guava plants. Often when eating guava, we often bothered by the presence of the seeds that much yet, excess varieties of pink crystals lies in the existence of a relatively small cashew only about 3% of large fruit. Fruit pink crystals, was introduced to Indonesia by Taiwanese people about knowledge of 2001, which was then much cultivated widely in Indonesia. Cultivation of pink crystals is actually relatively the same as the ordinary guava.
One of the factors that affect the successful cultivation of pink crystals is the availability of quality seeds and seedlings are healthy are free of pests and diseases. Seedlings can be obtained from the stems propagated transplant. Breeding by vegetative means they can produce more and varied for the selection of plant breeders at least 1 year of age.
Guava Cultivation

Ok just discussed cultivation of pink crystals as follows:
  • Soil Processing
Land to be used need not be flat, sloping land (hills) as a making of swales (terrace) can also be done. on the steep part and, for loosening the soil can be done with a hoe or plow piracy reached a depth of 30cm evenly. Manure with a dose of 40kg / sq m, and make beds measuring 1.20 by the height adjusted to the length of the land. For media plant in the pot, consider the media soil, manure and chaff comparison of 1: 2: 2.
  • Plant maintenance
A number of vegetation such as weeds plants should be weeded up to 1.5-2 m in radius around the plant. If there is a dead plant seeds, immediately replaced with new seedlings and nice. Weeding the plants need to be done by removing the buds on the main stem so that the fruit can grow big and sweet. Each month once the soil around the plants should be tilling the soil with the reversal to remain soft until the plant is really strong. Trimming at the edges is done after a 2-year-old plants so that the plants get a lush canopy first.
  • Fertilizing plants
Perform regular fertilization with the rules:
At the age of 0-1 years of age at planting, every tree fertilizer with a mixture of 40 kg of manure, 5 kg TSP, 100 grams of urea and 20 grams of ZK which later sprinkled around plants
Fertilizing plants aged 1-3 years is done with a mixture of NPK 250 grams / tree and TSP 250 grams / tree and repeated every 3 months with the same dose.
Fertilizing plants above the age of 3 years, when shoot growth has been less good means other than the TSP and NPK with the same size means that the plant requires manure as much as 40 kg / plant.
  • Watering
Plant seeds for 2 weeks after planting, watering 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon. And next week is reduced to afternoons only. If it rains too heavy around the cultivated plants are not inundated by creating pathways to drain the water. Conversely in the dry season, when the soil is visible fissure will require watering by using a water pump twice a day.
  • Harvesting
In general, crystal guava fruit will bear fruit after the age of 2 years, but the seedlings transplanted plants pink crystals can quickly bear fruit at the age of 6-7 months. Crystal guava fruit is ready to harvest when the nuts are already white brass, compared with immature.

Pink crystals (Guavacultivation process can indeed be said to be more easily compared with citrus cultivation which requires a larger and fertile. Pink crystals more robust against a wide range of weather and ground conditions.

Thus the discussion about Easy Ways Guava Cultivation of Good and True, good luck and hopefully useful this article ..

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