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How To Make Easy Hydroponics at Home and Urban Farmer

Understanding and explanation Hydroponics Plant.
Hydroponics (latin: hydro = water; hot = work) is a method of farming without the use of soil media, but by using a solution of mineral nutrient or other substance containing nutrients such as coconut fiber, mineral fiber, sand, broken bricks, wood dust , and others as a substitute for soil media.

How To Make Easy Hydroponics at Home and Urban Farmer
Hydroponic plants can be done in small - piecemeal at home as a hobby or a large - scale commercial purposes. Some of the advantages of plants in hydroponic systems, among others:
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not use pesticides or insecticides that can damage the soil, using water only 1/20 of ordinary plants, and reduce CO2 because it does not need to use a vehicle or machinery.
  • These plants do not damage the soil because it does not use soil media and also do not need a large place.
  • Plant roots can check periodically to ensure its growth.
  • More efficient use of water for watering the water does not need to be done every day because the mineral solution used media always accommodated inside the container used.
  • Results can be eaten whole plant, including the roots because it is free from dirt and pests.
  • More efficient because it does not have to pour water on a daily basis, does not require a lot of land, crops media can be made in stages.
  • Faster plant growth and quality of the crop can be maintained.
  • Could save the use of agricultural fertilizers.
  • Do not need a lot of manpower.
  • Cleaner working environment.
  • No problem pests and plant diseases caused by bacteria, worms and nematodes are widely available in the soil.
  • Can be planted anywhere even in the garage and rocky ground.
  • Can be planted at any time because they do not know the seasons.
  • Some plants are often grown hydroponically, is pakchoy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale, tomatoes, onions, even strowbery, etc. Thus the plant is often the primary choice of vegetarians who are very concerned the murder of a plant if there are living things, mixed with chemical elements, environmental conservation and reforestation.

How To Make Easy Hydroponics at Home and Urban Farmer
Some Important Factors to Look
Nutrition solution, should pay attention to the amount and pH corresponding elements. Elements pH range of 5.5 to 7.5. This nutrient solution containing concentrations of N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, in large numbers, while the elements Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, and Cl in small quantities. Nutrient solution made by dissolving the salt - fertilizer salts in water. Various types of fertilizer salts can be used for nutrient solution, the choice is usually over priced and the solubility of the fertilizer salts.
Growing Media, among others, consists of bricks, sand, gravel, husk charcoal, sponge, pumice, etc.
Water must be considered, the quality of water used, the salinity level does not exceed 2500 ppm and EC value of not more than 6.0 mmhos / cm. The water should not contain too many heavy metal elements.
Oxygen, plays an important role in hydroponics. Lack of oxygen will cause the cell walls are difficult to penetrate, so the plants will be short of water. Thus the plant will quickly wither because the solution does not contain oxygen. Administration of oxygen into the solution can be through air bubbles bubbles as the water pump used aquarium, replacing the nutrient solution regularly, cleaning or uproot plants that are too long, and provide the ventilation holes at the site of implantation.

How to make :
  • Guttering cut to a size of 1 meter.
  • PVC pipe to drain the water from the pool to the respective gutter by using a pump pond water that flowed in from the front of the gutter side up and out of the lower end of the other side gutters.
  • Cork stereoform which cut the size of gutters and punched to the size of a mini plastic cups that - that Jely.
  • Buy a pack of snack foods jelly Jely in supermarkets, and having eaten it, the plastic can be used by cutting to the ends (split one side) so that it can be clamped vegetables to be planted.
  • cotton sieve size cut small fish For wrapping the upper root vegetables.
  • enter vegetables that have been wrapped in cotton filter into plastic cups that - that Jely and place it in the hole - hole cork gutters that flowed water ponds.
  • To prevent caterpillars and insects or other pests, can be closed by using a fine mesh.
For more details about hydroponics, both in terms of assembling and sow the seeds please download the video tutorial here You can also download videos on Tutorial Creating Hydroponic at Home and How to create a mini Hydroponic NFT gully from gutt.

so little discussion about hydroponics and how to make it, may be useful for the readers, if after viewing the video and then practice it continues there is a problem, please fill in the comments on the matter..

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