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How To Make Natural Pest Control With Soursop Leaf Material For Organic Farming

Organic farming is agricultural cultivation techniques which rely on the use of natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic farming is a farming system that aims to maintain a balance (harmony) nature, either by making use of natural pest control systems and develop as much as possible the natural processes in the management of the farm. The main goal of organic agriculture is to provide agricultural products, especially food which is safe for the health of producers and consumers and do not harm the environment. Organic farming requires a guarantee that agricultural products should be safe to eat, a high nutrient content and environmentally friendly.
natural pest control
Agricultural products are synonymous with the use of non-natural chemicals such as fertilizers and chemical pesticides began to be replaced with organic farming that utilizes natural ingredients as natural pest control and medicine for plants. Natural ingredients for the manufacture of pesticides and agricultural medicines is quite easy to do and only requires patience. In addition costs are also very low. So if you want a serious occupied, organic farming is a business opportunity that is highly prospective for development by farmers. With venture capital of small farmers and small businesses can utilize natural ingredients as pesticides and pharmaceuticals plants. Here is one of the natural pesticides (biological) that can be made to organic farming.

As Soursop Leaf Extract Natural Pesticides (Biological) For Controlling Fleas leaves
One of the natural ingredients that can be used as a natural pesticide is soursop leaves can be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of biological pesticides to control pests as aphids and thrips, grasshoppers, leaf and caterpillar fungus. Biological pesticide is made from the main material soursop leaves.
natural pest control
How to make natural pesticides (vegetable) from the leaves of the soursop
The materials used:
  • Soursop leaf: 100 sheets.
  • Of soap: 2-3 tablespoons.
  • Water: 1.5 liters.
Ways of making:
  • Soursop leaves boiled with 1.5 liters of water, until the remaining water 1 liter
  • After that, add a dab of soap into the resulting solution.
  • To use, mix 1 liter of pesticide solution with 14 liters of water.
How to use / usage:
Enter the pesticide mixture with water into the tank sprayer, then spray on plants. Spraying time should be done in the morning before 10:00 or in the afternoon from 15:00 until sunset. Spraying can be done 2 times a week. To keep in mind the use of extracts of soursop is that the use must be done several times, not just once. For regular use will be able to continue to protect and prevent the plants from pests aphids and thrips. Soursop leaf extract can be stored up to 12 months from manufacture. However, should immediately be used in order to provide the maximum benefit.

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