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Guide How to Grow Organic Kale In The Pot Or Polybag With Easy

How to Grow Organic Kale In The Pot - Limitations of land is not an obstacle for us to create satisfying hobby, one hobby gardening moreover we plant is a plant with an organic system. Not just a hobby vain but a hobby that provides a solution for the present. At least a solution for themselves, their families and the surrounding environment. The decreasing availability of land is a fact and food needs is an obligation. Meet food needs for self, self, family, environmental, state and nation. Everything starts from ourselves.

Depletion of agricultural land pushed smart people be creative to create a modern agricultural system. Although not fully achieved yet innovation is being created. Starting try farming on its own grounds utilizing the pots in the house to raise the polybag one plant kale in pots or polybags. We also degraded soil nutrients so it is not as fertile as of yore, then comes innovation in hydroponic and aeroponic farming. The continued development of the plants we narrow spur to try farming in vertikultur. That innovation, will continue to grow endlessly.
How to Grow Organic Kale In The Pot Or Polybag With Easy
How to grow watercress is actually much easier than growing other vegetables. Especially if you're a fan of sauteed kale, can feel very disconnected if you know how to grow organic kale in pots.

Before I review about how to grow organic kale in pots, you must first know the type - the type of kale plants that can be cultivated and used.

There are 2 kinds of kale plants are commonly cultivated:
Kale Army
  • Growing up in a dry place
  • Smaller stems with greenish white color
  • The leaves are thinner and softer
  • Flower color is generally white.
Kale Water
  • Grows in wet such as trenches, pools of rice fields, as well as pool
  • A larger trunk and a solid green
  • The leaves are wider and harder
  • Reddish white flower color
In addition to good taste when processed into vegetable, kale also has many benefits for health.
Kale benefits include :
  • Overcoming Insomnia, selenium and zinc content in spinach may lead to drowsiness and sleep in people who consume them.
  • Constipation, kale believed to have many fiber content that is useful to facilitate digestion.
  • Prevent anemia, iron found in spinach can increase hemoglobin in the human body so as to prevent the occurrence of anemia.
  • Keep the immune system and eye health, Vitamin C and Vitamin A is very useful for immunity and eye health.
That some of the benefits provided from the plant kale for health, but it also kale is also believed to maintain a healthy liver (liver) and keep the intestines of parasites. With the benefits provided are not wrong if we cultivate in our homes kale for daily needs. To cultivate kale at home can be done in the country yard or in pots and polybags, but this time I will discuss about how to grow kale organic in pots or it could be a polybag, where can customize the material most easily available around you, the following explanation:

Preparation of seeds
The first step to plant kale, of course you have to get a winning kale seeds beforehand. Choose seeds that are free of pests and diseases, as well as derived from varieties that already proved its quality.

For breeding kale itself can be done in two ways, the first way is to use seed or better known as generative. Whereas the second way, or vegetative, ie nursery cuttings done with the system.
How to Grow Organic Kale In The Pot Or Polybag With Easy
If you choose to sow the seeds first, you have to make the area seedlings by loosening soil with a certain area according to the needs of planting and number of seeds, prepare media for seedlings, it adjusts the availability of materials that are around you, can be a tray or large bucket that is damaged can be utilized for seedling media. After that sprinkle a mixture of soil, manure 1: 1, if there husk can add 1 part again, allow 1-5 days seedlings area. Having considered the sow seeds that have been purchased kale evenly and cover with soil evenly and thin (usually when I was about 5 days, and even then if the organic fertilizer is correct so). Cover the seedlings with a net or leaves with a distance of 20 cm - 30 cm from the surface of the seedlings. Perform regular watering morning and evening, usually kale seed will grow after 5 -7 days from sowing. Seedlings can only be transferred if it has leaves 3-4 strands or height of 10-15 cm.

If you do not want complicated, you can plant the seeds directly in pots or polybags kale that has been prepared.

Seedlings are very important as a first step to plant kale good, it is recommended to use seeds from varieties that clear. You do not need the confusion to find the seeds, just come to the farm stall, there you can select what kind of seed to be used.

Prepare a Pot or polybag
Pots used were flowerpot which has particularly small holes in the bottom, but to save the cost of pots or polybags can be replaced by using cans or buckets former. Select the appropriate desire for container is needed, if you use store-bought pots or polybags you do not need to make holes for water infiltration. If using a used tin cans or buckets you need to make small holes in the bottom of the bucket or tin, it is useful to be to avoid stagnant water infiltration, you can make the hole by using a nail or a heated iron.

After the planting has been prepared, the next step is to fill the venue. Fill the container with the use of loose soil mixed with organic fertilizer (compost 1: 2 Land), such as when seeding, if there is a husk can be added, so that the ratio of 1: 1: 1. Let the pot or poly bag for 1-5 days before planting, so that the condition of soil nutrients due to stirring stable.

Planting Seeds Kale
After the spinach seeds are sown has grown and ready to be moved, do the lifting of sowing spinach slowly so that the roots are not damaged. After the seedlings can be directly planted in pots or polybags filled soil and manure. Make a hole in the pot or polybag by pressing your index finger, make a hole 3 pieces at a depth of 10-15 cm. Then enter the 2 seeds kale on every hole and press the ground beside the hole so that the hole is closed. Do not press too hard, because the seeds of spinach to fractures. Do the same thing in pots or polybags further until all the pots or polybags supplied planted.

If you choose to plant the seeds directly in pots or polybags kale, can do the same thing by making a hole using a finger as much as 3 holes. Then enter kale 2 seeds in each hole. then cover the hole with soil. Let while remaining flush 2 days until the kale seedlings grow. Having grown watering should be done every morning and evening.

Kale care
Watering should be done every morning and evening. If the monsoon watering can be stopped. Other treatments that need to be done is to clean the grass that grows in pots or polybags. Fertilizer application is also highly recommended, but we recommend organic fertilizer because spinach is to be consumed in order to not endanger your health.

Kale harvest
Land kale harvest is 25-30 days from planting. Kale land should be harvested by pulling spinach with roots. But if you want to be harvested two times, harvesting can be done by cutting kale kale knife.

Fresh kale itself by planting crops organically is ready to be used as a vegetable for the family, in addition to adding to the delicious taste of your food, kale will also result in many benefits for the health of your family.

Similarly tip on Guide How to Grow Organic kale in pots or polybags With Easy, the information given may be useful to readers, and please try it yourself at home.

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