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Complete Guide How to Grow Organic Spinach In Pot

Spinach is a vegetable that is much in demand, as well as protein content, spinach is also a vegetable that many properties, especially vegetarians. Vegetables that this is indeed very easy to plant and yet, certainly not haphazard spinach which would have high economic value.
Complete Guide How to Grow Organic Spinach In Pot

Spinach is done by planting an organic pattern will yield high economic value, can be sold in supermarkets and of course also this time the community is much aware of the importance of organic crops.

Basically planting organic spinach in a pot is not much different from conventional planting spinach, only the difference in treatment organically, then the medium in the form of a pot.

Spinach planted in pots probably never crossed your mind. But until now have not you try, now for the following article might encourage your interest back to plant spinach in a pot that you can place in a narrow area that you have.

Spinach is indeed one of the most vegetables in the favorites, because it not only as a vegetable but various creations can be done by the mother - a mother to be served at the dinner table for consumption by the family.

Before we discuss about planting spinach in a pot would be helpful to know a little spinach itself, here's some information you need to know.

Classification and morphology Spinach Plants
Spinach or with the Latin (Amaranthus spp.) Is a plant that can be consumed leaves as a vegetable, vegetables are precisely originated in America in the tropics, but because these vegetables can be easily grown and grow in any climate finally spinach could spread throughout the world, in addition to contains a lot of protein, according to experts spinach also contain much iron is essential for human growth.

Spinach "Amaranthus sp" is one of the vegetable crops which can be cultivated in the lowlands and highlands. Spinach has two types that can be cultivated, namely white amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor) and spinach (Amaranthus hibrydus L).

However, both of these spinach differ very much from the shape of leaves, branches and stems of flowers. In broad outline is still air spinach families with spinach (Amaranthuscea). Moreover, according to some scientists that spinach has classification, morphology and anatomy as follows.

Classification Spinach Plants
Kingdom: Plantae
Sub kingdom: Tracheobionta
Sub Division: Spermatophyta
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliophyta
Sub Classis: Caryophyllidae
Family: Amaranthacea
Genus: Amaranthus
Species: Amaranthus L. (Amaranthus sp.)

Spinach Plant Morphology
In general, plant spinach can be done anatomy and morphology based on the shape of the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds.

Spinach plants have root shrubs (terms), spinach plant roots will penetrate the soil to a depth of 20-40 cm and even more. Spinach plant roots is quite taproot and had odd jobs at the top.

Spinach plants have stems grow straight, thick and contains a lot of water. The stem of this plant has a length of up to 0.5-1 meters and has a branch monodial. Spinach stems brown, gray and also has a delicate spines at the base end of the stem of the plant spinach.

The plant has a single leaf, light green and dark, round-shaped elongated and oval. Length of 1.5 to 6.0 cm spinach leaves on even more, with a width of 0.5 to 3.2 cm and has a base end of pointed leaves and obtusus. Stem spinach accompanied with a stalk that is round and has a surface opacus. The stem length reaches 9.0 cm and have edges or surfaces repandus.

Flowers spinach plants have single sex, dark green, and also has a crown composed of 4-5 flowers leaves fruit, stamens 1-5, 2-3 and ovaries as well as other pieces that help in pollination. Flowers spinach crop is smaller in size and reach 1.5-2.5 cm long, and grow in axillary arranged upright. However, this is usually in the pollination of flowers also help with the animals around and wind.

Spinach plants have small seeds, and smooth, has a round shape and has a brownish color to black. However, there are several types of spinach contained white and red beans, for example spinach maxi.

Organic Spinach Cultivation way in the Pot
Process Organic Spinach Planting In Pot
The process of planting the spinach organically as well as non - organic, only treatment of its course in the treatment of organic, planting is not necessary with the nursery in advance, but keep in mind is the intensity of sunlight needed by the plant, the ideal temperature required by this plant is 16 - 20 degrees Celsius with humidity being, meaning not too dry or too humid.
Complete Guide How to Grow Organic Spinach In Pot

Prepare a seed derived from the multiplication of seeds, while the spinach seeds taken from spinach old age with a history of very good growth (good plant vigor, resistance to pests and diseases), or can be obtained from vegetable seeds store. Okay straight to his growing process.

First prepare the land to be used for planting spinach, with the composition of the soil, sand (if there husk can be given) and fertilizer in this case the use of organic fertilizers, after the process of stirring the soil is ready to do once the seed is planted, leave beforehand for 3 - 5 days, and if there is, you can give a fungicide biological one giving trichoderma, more details about trichoderma please find the article because I've been over, then leave on the ground in humid conditions, aims to ground the better and a little anticipation of the planting medium into heat especially when organic fertilizers are immature or so.

Next, enter the soil in pots (fill to 2/3 of the amount of the pot), allow 2-3 days, if it was ready then sprinkle the seeds over the pot, cover the surface with sufficient land, and do not be too thick, then flush the pot with enough water , did watering every day, in this period the plants vulnerable to damage, so be careful in care, and watering.

Tip: you can soak the seeds with bio fertilizers PGPR about 2 hours before planting, because the PGPR contain growth hormones, so hope the seeds that you plant can grow faster, please find the article to know the benefits and how to make PGPR alone, because I already been discussed.

Spinach Care
Do watering when planting medium dry or in need of water, and do the fertilization in this case you use solid organic fertilizer or organic liquid fertilizer, which distinguishes between spinach plants organic and non - organic, other than perhaps a seed that is planted must come from organic crops.

Spinach Plant Pests and Diseases

Spinach Crop Pests
Insects moth (Spodoptera Plusia Hymenia)
Symptoms: The leaves cavities - holes.
Control: Natural Pesticides / enough to wiggle the plant.

Insects aphids (Myzus persicae Thrips sp)
Symptoms: The leaves damaged, perforated and withered.
Control: Natural Pesticides / enough to wiggle the plant.

Insect mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus)
Symptoms: The leaves damaged, perforated and withered.
Control: Natural Pesticides / enough to wiggle the plant.

Spinach Plant Disease
Cause: The fungus Phytium sp.
Symptoms: infect the leaf stems and leaf stems.
Control: Can use natural fungicide

Wet rot
Cause: The fungus Rhizoctonia sp.
Symptoms: the patches - white patches.
Control: the same as disease control plant pests.

White rust
Cause: The fungus Choanephora sp.
Symptoms: infect the leaf stems and leaves.
Control: the same as disease control plant pests.

If you plant spinach then harvest time required is about 3 weeks to 1 month after you do the planting, do harvesting by pulling the plants, but should be done carefully, the roots of the plants should be uprooted, then wash with water, and the plants are ready to you if and consumed. If you plant spinach learned a little longer then this is about one to one and a half months.

So is that I can convey information about Complete Guide How to Grow Organic Spinach In Pot, hopefully what I say could be useful to readers, especially for those who want to try organic spinach planted in pots. And do not forget to share with others that this article could be more useful.

Please try Planting and Good luck.

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