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Excellence Bat Guano Fertilizer With Chemical Fertilizers

The existence of the bat for us is not foreign, of the order Chiroptera mammals that can fly does have differences and peculiarities of its own compared to other flying animals, such as birds. Bats have two hands like other animals. The hands are used to hold activities such objects evolved into wings, bats fly by relying on sound frequency.
What The Advantages Of Use Bat Guano Fertilizer Compared To Chemical Fertilizers.?
But in this article is not a problem we are going to sound waves Discuss. Let the sound waves issues discussed by experts. We will discuss the other side of the bat forgotten, but if we want to take advantage of it will bring greater benefits, well we will discuss bat droppings on the agricultural sector, bat droppings can we provide in meeting the nutrient needs for our plants, because of bat droppings can we use as a source of material to make organic fertilizer is best.

Bat droppings into fertilizer was also very good and for a class of organic fertilizer, bat dung defeating other animal waste. Because of bat droppings, especially living in caves contain many organic compounds are very complete. Bat droppings that have long settle in the bottom of the cave will be mixed with the soil and bacterial decomposition. Fertilizers such as this is currently being sought as a replacement for chemical fertilizers. Besides being more environmentally friendly also does not contain any other effects caused, and the market we are familiar with organic fertilizer bat guano, bat guano fertilizer so a lot of benefits, Bat Guano Fertilizer contains mineral micro and macro elements that complete the required plant.

Guano fertilizer that existing process, so you can immediately use to our plants. For the assembly process, naturally guano fertilizer is the case with the following cycle:
  • Bats / shorebirds feed on insects or seeds;
  • The process of spending dirt / feces and urine of these animals around the nest; and
  • The edible dirt back / described by beetles or other microbes to form an organic guano fertilizer.
Now that we know a little explanation about the process of making fertilizer Guano of bat droppings, then we discuss the advantages guano fertilizer with chemical fertilizers, and the benefits of using a bat Guano fertilizer for agricultural cultivation.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Bat Guano from dirt compared with artificial phosphate fertilizer (chemical fertilizer):
  • On bat guano fertilizer are nitrogen very much, much more from pigeon droppings.
  • In addition, also found potassium, phosphate, nitrogen, potassium and all micro minerals that plants need. Price guano is more expensive than chemical fertilizer artificial, because the guano has other advantages such as: being able to stay longer in the ground network, improve the productivity of the soil and providing food for the plant, much longer utilized plant of chemical fertilizer artificial and course materials were very difficult to obtain.
  • Guano has a high economic value because of their usefulness in large fertilize the soil and increase crop productivity. Soil organic matter deficiency can be made more productive with the addition of fertilizer. In the organic fertilizer Guano of bat droppings contain ammonia, uric acid, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, and carbonic acid, and the salt land.
The following are the benefits that are owned by bat guano fertilizer to the soil and plants:
  • Rich in macro element phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N). Therefore this type of fertilizer is better known as an organic fertilizer phosphorus.
  • Controlling harmful nematodes in the soil.
  • Well as in making your own compost activator.
  • Has a cation exchange capacity of power is good so that the plants easily absorb the useful elements in fertilizers.
  • Improve and enrich the soil structure because 40% contained organic material.
  • And microbiotic flora contained bacteria that are beneficial to plant growth and as a natural fungicide.
  • Reinforcing rods and optimize new leaf growth and photosynthesis in plants.
  • Can be used on all types of plants either inside or outdoors.
  • Very good in the growth of lawn.
  • Environmentally friendly products, because of the low content of mercury and other hazardous substances.
Advantages wearing super organic fertilizer bat guano in agricultural cultivation.
  • Neutralize the pH of acid soils
  • Maintaining balance pH (acidity) of the soil
  • Grow more roots, larger and longer
  • Refreshing plant
  • Improving fruit tastes sweet
  • Increasing the size and number of fruits
  • Fixing fruit color, becoming more attractive
  • Increase agricultural production (harvest)
  • Tackling the symptoms of deficiency regarding organic soil
  • Can instantly ready to be absorbed by the soil and plants
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Non-toxic and does not drain farmland
  • Can be in use on all types of ground
That's the explanation of the benefits of bat guano fertilizer to the soil and plants us, is very much at all actually benefit when we use organic fertilizer Guano bat, you are interested to try organic fertilizer bat guano.? You could visit.

>>Bat Guano Organic Fertilizer<<

As had been widely available in the market and it is more expensive than organic fertilizer more, even the price also beat the price of chemical fertilizers but if we see a greater benefit from the use of fertilizers others, then expensive price is not an issue with a fruitful.

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