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Know The Functions and Benefits Power Tiller/Cultivator On Agriculture

Cultivator function as a tool of Agriculture. use Cultivators tool which is a tool Cultivator grass well as a tool to loosen the soil on dry land, which is certainly very appropriate and suitable for use on agricultural land.
Know The Functions and Benefits Power Tiller/Cultivator On Agriculture
According Hardjosentono, et al, (2002), the principle of construction of a small tractor (power tiller) consists of:
  • Propulsion / drive motor.
  • Grounding / chassis and body.
  • Components successor to power.
  • The wheels / tires.
  • Implements / earth moving equipment.
The preparation in the use of hand tractors before the operation so that the tractor can work smoothly and economically, ie prepare clothes operator, conduct an audit, inspect the coupling, the tractor must walk straight, check the tire pressure, inspect the parts that need to be lubricated (Hardjosentono, 2002).

Cultivator work processes are stirring and crushing large clumps of soil, before planting (for aerating the soil) as well as seeds or seedlings planted (to kill weeds). In contrast to most of the stirring rake the soil surface, soil cultivator partially stirred carefully so as not to interfere with agricultural crops.

Cultivator teeth resemble the type plow but works in a different way. Cultivator only works on the surface, while the plow works into the ground. So the use of traction cultivator requires smaller than piracy.

Based on the type of fuel used, there are three types of hand tractors are hand tractors with diesel fuel, hand tractor with gasoline and hand tractors with kerosene fuel (kerosene). While based on motor power, hand tractors are distinguished into three categories: small-sized hand tractor, its driving force is less than 5 HP, hand tractor medium size, its driving force 5-7 HP and hand-sized tractors, propulsion 7-12 HP (Mulyoto, 1996).
Know The Functions and Benefits Power Tiller/Cultivator On Agriculture
One example of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation is part of a two-wheeled tractors or hand tractor (power tiller / hand tractor). Two wheel tractors or hand tractor (power tiller / hand tractor) is a farm machinery that can be used to cultivate the land and others work with the soil processing devices coupled to / mounted on the rear of the machine. This machine has high efficiency, due to the reversal of soil and cutting can be done at the same time. Two-wheel tractor engine is versatile as it can also serve as a driving force for tools other tools such as water pumps, processing equipment, trailer (trailer), and others (Purwantana, 1999).

Cultivator generally form has its own power (self-propelled) or withdrawn using two-wheel tractor or four-wheel tractor. In the two-wheeled tractors, cultivators mounted rigid and driven by the transmission of the main engines of tractors. In the four-wheel tractors, cultivators mounted on the three-point hitch and driven by the power take-off.

Benefits of Using a tool Cultivator (Power Tiller) On Agricultural Sector
  • Quality tillage work to be better (deeper and loose)
  • Efficiency (faster time, lower cost)
  • Practical in use (light / easily controlled)
  • Lightweight and easily movable as required jobs
The use of mechanical technology also aims to eradicate weeds, improve soil aeration, maintaining soil moisture levels, stimulate the microorganisms become more active, to develop the provision of nutrients in the soil, as well as loosening the soil to root penetration staple crops more effectively. How had little understanding of benefits power tiller cultivators.? If you are interested in buying a power tiller/cultivator you can visit amazon.com because there are plenty of good large and small tractors, you just select it.

Hopefully my article on the benefits of power tiller/cultivator on agricultural sector can be beneficial to your readers, and you can read more of my writing, because a lot of the tips I gave about the world of farming or for those who love gardening.

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