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How To Make Compost Tea With Low Cost

Compost tea is a liquid fertilizer that you can use on all plants, many people who have tried using compost tea with better results for plant growth, production, and improve the quality of crop yields. I also often make compost tea, and of course, already proving the use of compost tea is very good for the plantsMaybe some people of making compost tea are focused on the manufacture of plant nutrients, even though you can develop by combining insecticides of biological or fungicide biology, and by combining this, the compost tea that you create can generate more benefit, and I've tried, compost tea that I made can be nutrients as well as controlling pests and plant diseases.

Making compost tea would you do depends on the tool you use, such a device commonly known as vortex brewer, the tool vortex brewer or when you make vortex brewer thing that you notice is whirlpool which will be generated by the vortex brewer, whirlpool water is good and right in the vortex brewer tools is whirlpool which counter-clockwise. I've been reviewing them on how to make vortex brewer is right and easy, please you learn and then try to make it yourself at home.
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In the manufacture of compost tea depends on the materials used, but with low cost and you can adjust the composition of the material used, the compost tea can to meet the nutritional needs of your plants. I've also been trying to make compost tea with several kinds of materials that are used, from the inexpensive to the more expensive costWith the cost of a little expensive indeed the resulting compost tea can be categorized as premium, but in this discussion I will give my experience in making compost tea with low cost. For more details on how to make compost tea with low cost, please read the following review.

How to make compost tea with low cost


  • Vortex brewer 19 liters capacity
  • Aerator 12 watts

  • 9 liters of coconut water
  • 8 liters of water washing rice
  • 1 liter of warm water
  • 500 gr sugar
  • 1 sachet of bacterial isolates

Description for bacterial isolates : Selection of isolates that I use such as:

  • Aerobic microbial composting, in 1 sachet is composed microbial Streptomyces sp, Geobacillus sp, Trichoderma sp.
  • Bio NPK, 1 sachet is composed microbial Azospirillum sp, Bacillus sp, Pseudomonas sp, Azotobacter sp.
  • Bio insecticide, 1 sachet is composed microbial Serratia marcescens and bacillus thuringiensis.
  • Bio fungicide, 1 sachet is composed bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Note: the use of microbial isolates can be adjusted with the available in your place, the most important aerobic microbes types, and tailored to the intended use of the plants that your planted. And you can also make vortex brewer to suit your needs, for example, you make vortex brewer with a capacity of 3 liters, 5 liters, or the other, and you can take advantage of the waste that do not used in making vortex brewer.

How to make compost tea

  • Input materials coconut water and rice water in the vortex brewer, then turn on the appliance.
  • Dissolve a sugar with warm water, and wait for it to cool and then enter microbial isolates you choose, let stand and wait at least 6 hours (overnight), this is done because the microbial isolates used in the position of dormancy, so it needs to be reactivated.After isolates are ready, 
  • then you can mix with existing materials in the vortex brewer.
  • Wait up to 48 hours (2 days) until ready to use compost tea.
  • After ready for use, every 1 liter of compost tea can be Dissolve a by adding water wells with a ratio of 1: 10.
  • Compost tea is ready for use, can be sprayed or poured.

Okay, that's all the information I can give you about how to make compost tea with low cost, may be useful for you and can help you in meeting the plant nutrients at a low costand please you share it with others, so that many people can make compost tea at a low cost. If you have any questions, please ask and we can discuss. If you do not have a vortex brewer and no time to make it, then you can buy ready-made vortex brewer, following a recommendation from me that you can buy, or you can looking yourself by writing the keyword the product you are search or you can visit best purchase vortex brewet tool kit on amazon, and hopefully you can find that is being searched.


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