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Tips Understanding The Pesticide Label

Pests and diseases agriculture is one of the issues are of particular interest in agriculture. He is an important factor determining the success of the harvest of the commodity. Therefore any industry considers this condition as a lucrative business opportunity. Begin to enter a wide range of pesticides to tackle pests and diseases in plants.
This condition is one side benefit for farmers because the farmers have a lot of choice enough pesticide to combat pests and diseases. but on the other, with socio-economic conditions of farmers who are the majority of the villagers with older age, high variation of pesticides This can cause a inaccuracy of pesticide use due to misguided function and dose of pesticide circulating in the field. It can be caused by ignorance of the farmers will guide the use of pesticides. Though important information about the pesticide is already attached to the packaging of pesticide itself, with a record of pesticides that have been registered and recognized by the government. This information is located on the packaging label.

Label is a very important part in the packaging of pesticides. Labels provide product information contained in the packaging, but unfortunately consumers often ignore and not pay attention. The label is not solely to protect the interests of consumers, but also all stakeholders who instrumental in the agricultural industry. Build a sense of responsibility and credibility of the industry through community supervision, so that the food industry will evolve to the accompaniment of confidence by the public.

Farmers should start smart to choose what is most appropriate pesticides and how to apply. One way that the main thing is with examine the label.
Some of the things that must be included in the label description is the following (Fertilizers and Pesticides Directorate, 2011):
  • Trade name formula
  • Types of pesticides;
  • The name and level of active material;
  • Net weight of the packaging;
  • Security warnings;
  • Classification and danger symbol;
  • Safety instructions;
  • Symptoms poisoned;
  • First aid.
  • Medical care ;
  • Storage instructions;
  • Instructions for use;
  • Pictogram (signs pictures).
  • Registration number;
  • Names and address and phone number the holder, registration number;
  • Number production, month and year of production (batch number) as well as the month and year of expiration;
  • Instructions extermination.

Shape Formulation
Pesticide formulations can be known by looking at the code listed in the packaging:
  • Pesticide formulations liquid form typically consists of concentrates that can be emulsified (EC), concentrates soluble in water (SL), concentrates in water (AC), concentrates in oil (OC), Aerosol (A), liquefied gas (LG).
  • Formulations Solid consists of: Formulation flour that can be suspended or Wettable Powder (WP) or also called dispersible powder (DP), a formulation which can be dissolved or Soluble Powder (SP) formulation granules or granules (G), concentrates dust or Dust Concentrate (DC ), pesticide formulations in the form of dust or dust (D), feed formulation or Block bait (BB), the tablet formulation has a code TB (tablet).
  • Circumference solid formulation has a code MC

Pesticide Active Ingredients
Active ingredients is a fine chemicals or other materials contained in pesticides and in general is a powerful toxic substance. The active ingredient is generally selectively used for certain types of pest. Errors purchase pesticides cause inaccuracy active ingredients that are used to eradicate. OPT could be sprayed may die given the nature of the active ingredient contained poisons. Suppose that leafhopper was when sprayed with insect repellent can also die. But usually a negative impact aftershocks that are even more detrimental to such resistance and resurgence. Resistance is a decrease in the sensitivity of pests, disease-causing and / or weeds to certain pesticides (Invulnerability). Average resurgence is the increasing population of target organisms after treatment with pesticides.

Addition the use of pesticides that are not right will also be shut off natural enemies and damage natural ecosystems. Therefore, when purchasing pesticides should have the active ingredient is most appropriate. There are 39 (thirty nine) active ingredients that are prohibited such as on the photo below.
Classification and danger symbol pesticides
Photo above is a symbol of activity or use that should be done by the farmer. Such images gloves mean that farmers are encouraged to wear gloves during application. Images of people washing hands means farmers must wash hands and clean the body after using pesticides.

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