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Easy Ways to Make Organic Fertilizer Good and True

The use of organic fertilizer lately so rapidly and making the need for organic fertilizer to be increasing, it is I say natural that seeing the conditions that exist in our environment, in this case the agricultural land which is getting damaged, the use of chemical fertilizers redundant with the added use of herbicides chemical pesticides and uncontrolled, whereas they have a goal to increase agricultural productivity in fact the result upside down with declining productivity and more severe environmental damage in this case the land becomes damaged.
organic fertilizer
Damaged land was not only caused by the use of chemicals, it turns out organic fertilizers also contribute to the quality of the land, so the less the content of organic matter in soil fertility and soil health is also declining, this has been my pillowcase on how to measuring soil fertility, in the review turned out to be the role of organic fertilizer in the soil is instrumental in soil fertility. And in practice I had already proved it with yields increasing, indeed I need three years to be able to remove the dependency of chemical fertilizers on soil conditions that I have said already damaged, but with patience taking care of the soil with organic fertilizers sustainable manner I finally feel the results with productivity and quality of the crop is getting better and of course I get the crop yields into a healthy food.

Seeing the condition of the soil less fertile, farmers will begin to look back to the past in using wisely the agricultural sector, one of them shared with the ground the way gives organic fertilizer for the land to be used sustainable manner. and we also know that the organic materials are widely available around us and easy to obtain, because basically all organic materials could be utilized into organic fertilizer. how to make organic fertilizer that is good and true.? Well I happen to have personal experience in the manufacture of organic fertilizer by using aerobic microbes (Streptomyces sp, Geobacillus sp and Trichoderma sp), these microbes work in accelerating the decomposing organic matter into organic fertilizer, although naturally also can but you will need a long time.

Before we discuss how to make organic fertilizer that is good and right, we need to know in advance the benefits of organic fertilizer for plants, soil, and ecosystems are naturally in the soil.

The benefits of using organic fertilizer that will be felt by farmers or in gardening
  • Increasing productivity from agricultural land. Due with increased levels of organic matter and nutrients in the soil, then by itself soil will form a good, including properties, chemically and biological soil or agricultural land.
  • Increase cation exchange capacity, buffering capacity and water holding capacity
  • Organic fertilizers contain macro and micro elements are more complete than with chemical fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizer will give life to the soil microorganisms
  • Has the ability to mobilize or bridging nutrients in the soil so that it will form the ion particles are easily absorbed by plants
  • Has the ability to release nutrient soil very slowly and continuously, so that will help prevent excess supply of nutrients that make the plant poisoning
  • Being able to keep moisture from the soil, thus reducing the pressure or stress on the plant soil structure
  • Being able to help prevent erosion of topsoil
  • Being able to maintain and take care of soil fertility
following my experience with the media to make organic fertilizer animal manure (goat):

     Material :
  • Animal manure (+ - 10 tons).
  • Bran / bran 25kg.
  • Decomposers 20 ltr (culture results) / 200ltr after dissolved with water (not tap water or that have been sterilized, can - can follow the bacteria die)
  • Husk (4 sacks).
    Tool - a tool used:
  • Hoe.
  • Spades.
  • Gloves (for those who fear dirty)
    The easy way of making organic fertilizers:
  • Place the organic material in the open field, if you do not have land to organic fertilizer you can use a compost tumbler, because it is very suitable for that do not have a land area.
  • Make the first layer + - 25 cm evenly, then sprinkle bran and rice husk over the first layer evenly.
  • Flush bacteria or microbes in the top of the first layer up the average.
  • Puts a second layer on top of the first layer and is composed of organic material the same as the first layer and flush back microbial decomposers, and can be done like this until you run out of organic materials.
  • To speed up the composting on the 5th day to do a reversal / media mixing, if the media is dry you can flush it with water, and if the place you can get rice water then you can use this as rice water also contains nutrients for plants (for facilitate you get it you can provide a bucket or a place to store the water the rice from your neighbor who wants to cook rice).
  • To produce good results can be carried out at least until day 15 days /already 3x media processing by reversed the organic fertilizer (when media is hot if you can wait a few days until the condition is not hot, usually marked with colored materials blackened).
  • After the completion of the organic fertilizer is ready to use / its way to the ground.
description: the material composition can be adjusted to the conditions of organic materials that are around you / your liking.

So that was my experience on how to make organic fertilizer from waste animal manure, may be useful for you, and easy - I hope we can keep the soil to remain fertile in order to achieve the productivity and quality of agricultural products is getting better and certainly as a legacy for the generations after us. . Thanks "greeting Agriculture".


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