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How Easy And Simple Gauge Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is now a hot topic always discussed the farmers, this is reasonable because of the fertility of the soil is an important factor for the success of farmers in the cultivation in order to generate productivity and good quality. If you want good farming then you also have to maintain and care for the land will always be used in the cultivation, because no matter how good the seeds used, no matter how much fertilizer you use that soil fertility rate decline, the result of cultivation will be much like the farmers want.
How Easy And Simple Gauge Soil Fertility
In one case, you may also have found the same thing when there was a farmer who saw the plants do not grow as expected and then take action to increase the amount of chemical fertilizer to be given to the plant, but when harvest the results were far from what was expected, right right.?

Many factors affect the land became infertile, but I just peel one factor and it has become dependence by farmers, and possibly, at your place is the same, the use of chemical pesticides, both fungicides, insecticides and herbicides excessive plus the use of chemical fertilizers continue constantly, slowly but surely making our soil contamination is getting worse and it will decrease soil fertility, especially the excessive use of insecticides to lead to pests resistant to insecticides given.

In practice, the decline in soil fertility is not always balanced with organic fertilizer, while the decline in soil fertility can be caused by organic material on the wane, but this is the most important factor in maintaining soil fertility, because by giving organic materials you already can provide soil conservation service. So for soil fertility and fertilizers organic are given routine is a solution from me because of the abundance of organic matter in our land, the life of soil microorganisms also continues, to care for the land that became the capital of your business and farmers, with more routinely provide organic matter to the soil which for cultivation because it is very important in soil fertility management. And what do I know the land that would be a place for the cultivation of fertile or not.?

On this occasion I will try to give you a few ways you can practice on your premises is easy and simple way of measuring soil fertility, soil testing tips I get from the discussion with my farmer friends, even some are of agricultural extension. I'll give tips that you can try to measure the fertility of the soil in your place. Easy and simple way to measure the fertility of the soil I describe below.

How Easy And Simple Gauge Soil Fertility
Planting Corn and Tares
Growth of corn and grass tares is a very good indicator to gauge then shows the level of soil fertility. If corn and grass can thrive then it means that the land was fertile.

Using Turmeric
One factor determining soil fertility is to know the exact level of acidity or pH of the soil. If you want truly accurate measurement of soil pH can then by using a pH meter, but there is a more convenient and simple, by using turmeric. Way, take turmeric of the index finger, cut it in half. One of the pieces put into the wet ground which we will measure pH, wait up to 30 minutes. Then take it and see the saffron color of the piece, if the color had faded truncated portion means the soil is acidic and neutral soil pH if the results had been colored pieces remain bright. However, if the color of saffron was blue means it tends to alkaline soil. The most simple way, but if you want a more simple way you can use the tool pH tester, both digital and analog ones, if interested you can see the product of HMD pH Tester or www.aliexpress.com and please you choose pH tester according to your wishes.

See the existence of Earthworm
When you ask what factors contribute to soil fertility, one answer is the presence of earthworms. Earthworms can be an indicator of soil fertility, since most of the mineral soil material is digested earthworms are returned to the soil in the form of nutrients that are easily utilized by plants. In addition, dirt earthworms are also rich in nutrients. Because the activity of earthworms are able to increase the availability of nutrients in the nitrogen in soil (N), P, and K in the soil. Earthworms also beneficial improve aeration and drainage in the soil so that the soil becomes loose, and to help decompose organic matter in the soil and improve soil structure. Thus more and more earthworms in the soil will increase the soil productivity.

Plastic Gauges Organic Materials
Soil fertility can be measured by the amount of organic material or organic-C available in the soil. No easy way to measure the content of organic matter in the soil, using a long plastic. How, to prepare a 1 meter long plastic, take soil samples at several locations in the area, then mix until evenly ground. Tie one end of the plastic and put the land up to half the length of the plastic. Add water until full and then tie the end. Whisk until the ground was uneven, plastic hanging on the pole and allow 1-2 hours.
After completely settles will be seen the composition of fertile topsoil will be in the topsoil and black, underneath there is a layer of dust and clay, and the bottom is gravel and sand, because of the organic matter contained in the soil to be one factors affecting soil fertility. So the thick layer of organic material, the more fertile the land. if the result is still less fertile you can provide organic fertilizer, if you want to make your own organic fertilizer, kept you still confused how to make organic fertilizer, you can see my tips on how to make organic fertilizer.

That's some way that I can give to you about how a simple way to measure the fertility of the soil, and if you ask how to improve soil fertility.? Answer routine was providing organic matter in the soil that you have to be able to materialize the sustainable soil management, because of my experience, organic matter with routine could be one of the actions in caring for the land, and the results of the soil treated later can increase productivity and quality of the crop, the most important thing you want to give attention to the soil by providing organic matter more regularly so the soil fertility in a place you can stay awake, if you dare to remove the dependency on the product synthetic chemistry, I would suggest to the integrated soil fertility management you combine the use of organic fertilizers with biological agents such as fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides biology, I think your place too much to sell and use products chemical cascade by reducing chemical fertilizer needs little by little each planting season because this could be one of the factors of soil fertility management in organic farming, but for chemical insecticides and fungicides if you dare to not directly use it does nothing.

From my experience in the soil fertility management for sustainable agriculture can be achieved in year 4, this year I can be apart from the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, it's all because I want to take care of soil fertility, because basically taking care of soil fertility was easy , by providing organic material on a regular basis only soil fertility can be maintained, which is difficult in maintaining the fertility of the land lies in the willingness of each farmer, lazy or do not care for the land.
How Easy And Simple Gauge Soil Fertility
Photo above is one of my friends while cultivating cabbage, what do you think.? And when you are fertile ground want the cultivation of tomatoes or cultivation of cocoa you can expect to get maximum results

Easy to understand not my discussion of How Easy And Simple Measure Soil fertility.? If anyone have any questions please just, then we can discuss together, okay I ends meet up here to convey information about the fertility of the soil, hopefully my writing can be useful to readers, if my writing interesting then do not be ashamed to share my writing. And my message as a cover, if you want the productivity and quality of the crop is good then, take care and love the land you have.

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