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How to Make MOL (Local Micro Organisms) From Materials Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are the young shoots of bamboo saplings that grow from the roots. We know the bamboo shoots as food, such as processed vegetable spring rolls or content. Besides bamboo shoots are also used as materials for MOL (Local Micro Organisms). Bamboo shoots contain gibberellins and organic C that is useful for plants. Also contains a micro-organism that is useful, namely azotobakter and azospirillium.
How to Make MOL (Local Micro Organisms) From Materials Bamboo Shoots
Functions and Benefits of MOL (Local Micro Organisms) Bamboo Shoots
MOL (Local Micro Organisms) bamboo shoots function as vegetative plant growth stimulants. Namely the growth of shoots, leaves, roots and stems of the plant before entering the flowering period. MOL bamboo shoots can also be used as decomposers in the process of composting.

How to Make MOL Bamboo Shoots

Materials ;
- Bamboo shoots 1 kg
- Brown sugar 1 ounce
- 3 liters of water washing rice

How to make ;
- Bamboo shoots in small pieces or crushed
- Dissolve brown sugar with 3 liters of water washing rice
- Put all the ingredients into a bucket
- Stir gently until well blended, then a bucket sealed
- Open the lid of the bucket every morning to get rid of gas in jerry
- Do it for 2 weeks, MOL is ready for use

How to use ;
1. For leaf manure; MOL mix 1 liter to 15 liters of water, then spray evenly on the plants,
2. To Fertilizer Root; MOL mix 1 liter to 10 liters of water, pour 250 ml of solution for each plant,
3. For Composting; Mix 1 liter MOL with 5 liters of water, pour the compost material.

Such is the way of making, functions and benefits of bamboo shoots MOL. hopefully what at present can be useful ..
please also tutorial can be downloaded from the experience of making MOL (Micro Organisms Local) with banana weevil materials (here).
Greetings agriculture. !!

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