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How To Grow Roses In The Yard And In The Pot Right

Roses are the traditional flowers, beautiful and fragrant, and you can grow roses in the yard and in the pot. Naturally "every rose there are prickly," but actually a beautiful flower does not need much care. All it needs is a little attention and a sunny spot with good drainage. If you want to know how to plant roses and see them flourish, bring color and happiness to your home.
Plant Roses In The Yard

types and kinds of roses so diverse that this flower is an ornamental plant that has been chosen as home decoration because of its beauty. benefits rose the most prominent of course physical beauty, a special feature of the rose plant can be seen from the shape and distinctive refreshing fragrance. Could you grow roses in the yard and in the pots. How to plant roses is also not to be arbitrary, you must know the techniques and the proper way to plant roses. If carelessly then chances are you planting roses will wither and die. In addition to planting the right way, you also have to know how to care for roses in order to get results that suit us when going to plant it.

The process of planting in flower cultivation is also an important thing, including roses, in the cultivation of roses are many things that must be considered in the process of planting. In order for roses we planted will grow healthily.

Here is how the planting of roses either, for the first growing roses in the yard.

Preparation tools and materials
  • Shovel / hoe
  • Compost
  • Pruning shears
  • Gardening gloves
Preparation plant
Many variants of what will be a wonderful addition to your garden, but it is important to check what types of roses that grow well in your area by reading books on roses. You can also consider the flower display and size. Here are a number of variants of the most popular and beautiful roses:
  • Floribunda. This is the kind of rose the most colorful, such as shrubs that grow freely, creating groups of three to fifteen flower planting at all (not just one). This shrub can grow alone, but it looks to be the most impressive when you plant them next to each other forming a line-by side.
  • Hybrid Tea. This is one of the most popular types of roses, grows straight up one flower per stalk. This is the type of rose is perhaps most often be found in a flower shop.
  • Grandiflora. Variants of this beautiful rose is a blend of floribunda and hybrid tea. Vines can grow up to 180 centimeters and create groups of classic hybrid tea roses.
  • Rose bushes and landscape. These roses have different shapes and sizes so as to adjust the planting spot. They grow close to the ground and their natural immune diseases; they also require less maintenance than other roses.
  • These types of roses climbing roses add "flavor" to your garden. Typically grow vines fence or trellis. Long trunk curved and covered a lot of interest so as to cover the pillars, walls, or any structure that enabled it.
  • Miniature roses. This is the smallest rose plants and can grow anywhere from 15 to 60 centimeters. Rose type is suitable for planting in pots and grown in a narrow space.
  • Rose trees. These roses have strong roots and branched, growing long stem roses grow other then branch out on it. Tree roses stunning to behold, but it takes more care so that these plants can survive during the winter.
Site Selection Growing roses in the yard
Having found the ideal location to plant roses in the yard we could do of making the planting hole and simultaneously cultivate land by mixing organic fertilizers in order to become loose and can get top soil (top soil), a suggestion that could be at a depth of 10-15 cm soil its upper layer, for planting can be a distance of 60 cm x 60 cm between plants or 75x75 cm.

Growing roses in the yard
  • Rose seedling nursery can be taken from the media, if the first flush of polybag media cropping, so that when releasing the seeds of roses are not many who fall soil and the roots are not many who drop out, so do not make seeds stress.
  • Seedlings roses planting right in the middle of the hole that has been made, then backfilled with soil to cover the roots, and compaction is done slowly, with hope when compressing it slowly makes the roots of seedlings roses do not drop out.
  • Care of roses can be done by watering regularly except the rainy season, fertilizer and if possible every month given organic fertilizer for their needs, adjusted for age and her great plants rose itself, frequent monitoring of pests and plant diseases, if any pests or disease can be carried out by spraying insecticides (for more details how to make a natural insecticide, please open the archive menu again, because I've been over). Further pruning so that the plant is not too thick, and in order to maintain the health of the plant.
Thus the discussion about planting roses in the yard, and we just discuss how to plant roses in the pots.
Some people choose to plant roses in pots because of the shortage of land or premises. To plant roses in the pots, there are techniques that you need to consider and do. How to plant roses with cuttings for example, you should prepare the seedlings cuttings that you need. In this issue, we recommend that you choose a rod in the center and not too far from the base. Do not use the tip of the young, the chances of success are very slim. How to plant roses is not arbitrary, and to note also the need to use scissors to cut the already sterilized that are not easily affected by the disease or fungus.
Grow Roses In The Pot
Cuttings of roses made on old roses with a 4-6 cm long cut using cutting tools sharp and clean. Planting medium used for the cultivation of roses is a pure land without any fertilizer because soil containing fertilizer can inhibit the growth of stem roses in cuttings.

Use polybag small size or with a size of 10 x 15 cm and can be adjusted with the availability in your area, then fill the ground to the nursery, plug pieces of roses section of the center to a depth of half a planting medium, give water and do not forget to pierce the plastic poly bag with a stick , put in the shade the growing media and fertilizers should not be used until the roots grow out and ready to be moved into the pot.

After providing the seeds of roses, prepare well for the plant pot, the pot you use can be made of clay, plastic, cement or ceramic. Depending on your taste, adjust the size of the pots you need, but my advice to the size of a large pot. After that, how to plant roses others are preparing the ground. Good soil is humus soil for planting, if there is no use of land around is not anything, then also prepare organic fertilizer and biochar, a ratio of 2: 1.5: 0.5. The use of fertilizers and soil also must be adapted to the type of roses you plant.

When the leaves have appeared three pieces mean rose plant is already ready to move to the planting medium is new, move by tearing polybag without damaging the soil and then insert it into the planting medium is new, because the roses prone to diseases is necessary to note the signs in the form of leaf rust and black spots that appear because it can cause loss of leaves of roses.

enter the seedling stem cuttings of roses that you prepare. Plug in the trunk on the ground already in the pot. Once plugged in, flush with water. Sprinkle a little, not too much. After that how to plant roses hereinafter that keep your plant is in a cool place, better if it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Save your plants in a dark place is also highly recommended, is that sprout from buds roses you can grow and develop properly and begin aroused. That way the roots will begin to grow in a given stimulus, check a few days until your rose plants to sprout, if it grows then move it your rose plant to a brighter place. At that time, the plant roses you really need sunlight as the initial process of photosynthesis, plants flush your roses regularly until we see the flowering period and we can learn or be left to enjoy the beautiful scenery in our yard.

Thus I can convey information about how to grow roses in the yard and in the pot right, and please read the guide also plant other crops, including tulips to plant guide, a guide to plant hydrangeas, and hibiscus plant guides, hopefully what is conveyed in this discussion can be useful, and do not forget to share it with others

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