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3 Easy Steps Planting Tulips in Pot A Right

Tulips planting. Do you already know the tulips? Tulips is a flower of flowering plant that belongs to the family liliceae. Plant tulips originated from Central Asia, grows wild in Kazakhstan. Plant tulips are well known in the Netherlands, Iran and Turkey. This flower is very reflects the elegance and beauty.

When interest buff and already bored with roses, then you can try planting tulips to drive away boredom. Did you know tulips have been planted many years ago? Before we review this flower planting, let us examine the facts about tulips spread across the world.
3 Easy Steps Planting Tulips in Pot A Right
Fact Tulip Flowers Tulips originate from Central Asia including the turkey. Tulip flowers had already planted 500 years ago, so planting tulips is not a new trend. Tulip was introduced in Europe through the gift of the Ottoman Empire in 1554 AD. Since then, tulips became very popular in Europe. This interest rate proved to be the most sought after since it was introduced in the Netherlands in the 1600s, this interest has also been a flower that is the most expensive in the world. Holland was a massive export of flowers and ranks fourth top-export. Here it is unique, Tulip flowers can be eaten! To eat it, you can mix it in a salad or other food according to your taste.

Tulips is one kind of plant that can live and grow well in areas with a cool temperature. So for those of you who intend to carry out the cultivation of tulips should have a place of cultivation in the highlands which has a cool temperature. Because the tulip is one kind of plant tubers, so you can do cultivation through seed or planting bulbs. However, the most easy and fast is through the tuber. Select bulbs or seeds that have good quality so that the results are also good.

This flower was introduced in America in the 1800 s. Tulips has 3,000 varieties with 14 beautiful names. Tulip flowers even have a festival that is held annually. Planting Flowers Tulip After knowing the beautiful and unique tulip, you may want to plant these flowers, the following 3 Easy Steps Tulips planted in pots A right.

Easy Ways Tulips Planting in Pot
Tulip plant is a plant that is suitable to be planted to decorate your garden. Each seed only grow a single stalk, where it prevents them from growing too big for their pots. If you have a pot big enough, you can arrange a wide variety of plants tulips to create stunning visual effects. Simple, you just start with tulip varieties suitable or tulip varieties suitable for the size of the pot. The seeds give sufficient time for the left to rot in the pot and make sure you put them in an environment that can blow a lot of sun during the warm climate progress.

Determine the appropriate tulip varieties according to your needs.
Avoid varieties are grown, such as dutch hybrids, unless you have a large area. To select the highest standard pot feet, looking for varieties that grow around 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 cm) in height. For small-sized pots., Consider varieties that grow no higher than 10 inches (25 cm).
3 Easy Steps Planting Tulips in Pot A Right

Obtain Seeds Tulip least 3 months before you intend to plant They
Tulip seeds take several months to be protected from heat and abandoned in order to grow during the warm season progresses. Put the tulip seeds in pots as soon as you get them, if possible.

Select the type Pot Has Sufficient Drainage.
Tulips can not grow well when too much water is stagnant, so you must make sure the water in the watering hole under the pot tulips function properly to dispose of excess water.

  • Fill the bottom of the pot with rocks (about 2cm). Do this in order to prevent water from seeping reach out to seed.
  • Cover the Land Above Rocks Gravel. You have to fill the pot about half the land, and the land will be free from adversity. Use potting soil from the ground beside directly from your garden, because the soil of given when buying more pots containing soil nutrients and free of nasty bacteria that will help you grow flowers tulips. Soil mix especially designed to tulips grow well.
  • Add Thin Sand Above ground's. This stage is optional, but provide other stages in terms of irrigation and prevent your seed perk mostly water.
  • Place the Tulip to Pot Plants. Make sure the seed directed upwards. You do not have to worry about the seeds are too close together, but for aesthetic reasons, you may put a distance of about 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 cm) apart from each other.
  • Cover with soil Seeds Supplement.You should provide 2-3 cm between the upper soil and suburban pot.
  • Save your Tulip Seed At A Cool For 3 Months. Currently dormant period ends, place a pot filled with the seeds in a warm place and exposed to sun. Tulip plants grow well in locations exposed to sunlight perfectly, so place them near a window on the terrace or on your balcony.
  • Keep adequate water. The soil should be moist but not too stagnant water. Too much water will make your tulip seed rot.
  • After flowering, flowers Eliminate Head. Also remove the leaves while waiting for the leaves to die, but let the rest of the parts of the plant to regrow before eliminate it. This allows the seed to collect energy for the expansion of flowers the following year.
3 Easy Steps Planting Tulips in Pot A Right


Select Kind
Type of tulip plants are grown to produce a high variety of different, worthy of consideration for aesthetic reasons.

Select the least Pot (25 cm to 35 cm) Depth
Anything more superficial than it will not provide sufficient depth for this type of layered layer.

Put the bottom gravel layer Pot
Layers must have a depth of about 1 or 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm).

Fill the pot with soil (20 to 23 cm) Under Section Thereon
Use of land which was given when buying pot for maximum results.

Place Tulip Most High in Top
Keep the seed facing upwards. Give the size of the seed space gap between the seed.

Cover Back to the Land
Cover the majority of the seeds, but leave a little space so you can easily see where each seed is planted. Collect soil down carefully.

Place the seeds Next
Each layer must be between the neck top seed from the layer below it.

Thus short article I can say about 3 Easy Steps Planting Tulips in Pot A Right. and please read the guide also plant other crops, including guides to plant roses, lilies to plant guide, peonies to plant guide and the guide planting orchids. Hopefully what is presented can be useful, do not forget to share this article to be more useful.

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