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Knowing How to Grow Plants Orchids in Pot A Right and Benefits Orchid

Orchid plants is one of the beautiful plants fascinating for everyone who glance. The orchid has distinctive features in the care and planting of different ways with other types of plants. The orchid flowers are scattered in different regions of the tropics to the circumpolar region with a variety of habitats. Plant orchid flower is divided several types based on their habitat, such as: orchid cattleya, cymbidium, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Vanda, plant orchid species like this live attached to other plants but do not interfere with other plants, while the plants orchids that live in the soil , such as: orchids terrestris.
Knowing How to Grow Plants Orchids in Pot A Right and Benefits Orchid

For you lovers of flowers and want to try planting orchids around your yard to make it look more beautiful and charming, you have to pay attention to planting orchids in areas that can support the growth of orchids well, because the orchid plants can not be grown in any place. Actually planting orchid flower is very easy and simple, but it takes patience, focus and perseverance. Orchids need to be considered maintenance and regular maintenance, in order to plant these flowers can grow well and beautifully. For maintenance, you can read more about how to care for flowers, you can apply in a variety of plants that you like and that you plant in your yard. I will give some ways and tips on how Knowing How to Grow Plants Orchids in Pot A Right and Benefits Orchid.

How to Grow Orchids in Pot Plants.
In general, orchids are divided into 2 types of orchids and orchid epiphyt Terrestris or orchid soil. Epiphyt orchid is a species of orchid plants that live attached to other plants but do not interfere with the plant while the orchid Terrestris is a type of orchid that lives on fertile humus soil.
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In the cultivation of orchids you need to know the media or a place to grow orchids well in accordance with the type of orchid itself. Orchid cultivation is not all that complicated, even for growing orchids you should not use pot, because orchids can be attached to other plants. For more good would have more leverage when using a separate pot.

Good location for Plant Growing Orchids
In addition to considering the medium used to grow orchids, you need to pay attention to the location to plant the orchids. Choose a location that has the intensity of the sun is good enough, because growing orchids was deeply influenced by the intensity of sunlight obtained. Try to match the type of orchid plants based on solar intensity level obtained so that the orchids can grow optimally.
Based on the level of light intensity needs orchids are divided into three types. The first type of orchid plants should be exposed to direct sunlight. Orchid species suitable for cultivation in the open is a Vanda orchid, orchids and orchid Arachnis Renanthera. While the second type is the type of orchids that can be grown well in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. Orchid species that are suitable for this condition is Ancedium orchid, Dendrobium, or Cattleya orchids.
To cultivate orchids this second type you must have a special place that has been designed in such a way in order to maximize the growth of your orchid plant. While the latter type of orchid plants are orchids do not like sunlight, so you should put these plants in a shady place. If you have a shady yard, you should plant species Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis orchids.

Note Height Pot Orchids
Another thing that is important in the cultivation of orchids is the height of the location to place a pot of orchids. In addition to the environmental conditions of the planting site altitude orchids also affect the growth of your orchids are cultivated. The next planting technique is to plant orchids according to altitude planting location. Based on the location of the planting altitude orchids are divided into three types.

If you live in a location with an altitude of 1001 m above sea orchid species suitable for planting is your cymbidium orchids and orchid Miltonia. If you want to cultivate orchid Dendrobium, Oncidium or Cattleya you should place the plant is at an altitude of 500 to 1000 m above sea level. The third type is the orchid will grow best when placed at a height of 500 m above sea level. One example of orchids that grow at this altitude is the Vanda orchid species. and Arachnis. In addition to planting location altitude you should also pay attention to the circulation of air in the venue. A great place for growing orchids is a place that has a gentle breeze. Another thing to note that the air humidity so that orchids can flourish and produce beautiful flowers.

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Before planting orchids of course you have to choose the seeds that have a good quality. Choose seeds that are ready to be cultivated normally good seed is the seed that has been aged 1 year and have had the leaves and roots. Plant the seedlings in plastic for 3 months, after it had moved into a small pot with a diameter of 6 cm to 12 cm. Give organic fertilizer during the growing orchid nursery that maximum. After 3 months of being in a small pot of orchids you can move into a larger pot.
So that orchids have a perfect growth and have bright colors of flowers are some tips that you can do.

Orchid seedling roots
After three months, usually the roots will begin to grow and often until poking out of the ground. You might see this situation will directly insert the roots poking into the soil. However, do not do it, because it will harm your orchid plant. We recommend that you have to do is to move the plant into a larger pot.
Knowing How to Grow Plants Orchids in Pot A Right and Benefits Orchid

Stem orchids
As the orchid plant often has a high trunk. To keep the rods that are not easily collapse, you can use the poles on the stem. These pillars to ensure that the orchid stems remain standing upright.

Placing at the right temperature
Orchids will grow well at a location having a temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius. If you can keep the temperature on a regular basis, you can see that your orchid plant beautiful flowers issued exceeds what was expected.

How to move the orchids
Do not move the orchids at home, before unplugging the orchid seeds beforehand prepare a new pot to be used as a new place for orchids. Once the new pot is ready, then you move these orchids. Make sure the position is perfect and add a fern growing media such as chopped. For complete information about the orchid flowers can read the article entitled Orchids of Different Types and Their Image and Characteristics.
Knowing How to Grow Plants Orchids in Pot A Right and Benefits Orchid

How to care for orchids
In order orchids you buy fresh and can grow well, you can take care of him in the following way.
  • In order to grow up to put orchids in a place exposed to natural sunlight, but not too hot. Ideally, do not put orchids in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Giving light. This is done when you put the orchids in the room, with the lights will keep the orchid is not lack of light.
  • Keep moisture orchids. As one of the tropical plants certainly keep moisture plants are very important thing to do.
  • Provide fertilizer. As the cultivation of orchid plants also require fertilizers to meet nutritional requirements. Therefore provide fertilizer to these plants with fertilizer for tropical plants.
  • That's the simplest way to take care of orchids that can still flourish and thrive.
Benefits Orchid
In general, people only make orchids as a decoration for the room or the garden at home. But you know that orchids have several benefits in addition to be used as an ornamental plant. Here are some benefits of orchids.

Orchids As Ornamental Plants
Orchid plants has been known as one of the most popular ornamental plants with beautiful flowers. Orchids have a wide variety of colors and types are very many. The high interest in this plant make some people use it to make orchids as an ornamental plant in the pot.

As a symbol of orchids and Aroma Fragrances
Love is always synonymous with flowers, maybe that's what makes orchids serve as a symbol of love, beauty and luxury for centuries. In ancient times in interest in use as a symbol of virility among the Greeks. While in China, believed to be the orchid plants that emit fragrance from the body of their king.

Orchids As Herbs
In ancient times the orchid was instrumental in the development of traditional medicine. This plant has been used as a source of herbal medicines in China since 2800 BC. Gastrodia elata is one species of orchids of the genus Gastrodia is one of three species of orchids are listed in Materia Medica of the first known in China as a type of orchid that is used for the treatment (Shennon bencaojing).

Orchids For Foodstuff
Vanilla or Vanilla planifolia Latin name is one of the tribal family of orchids. This plant is used as a flavoring fruit cake and also used as materials for aromatherapy and perfume. There are also orchids Orchis Mascula which has been used as a powder to be used as a cooking spice.
In addition to the above two types of orchids there are many more types of orchids are commonly used as food ingredients such as orchids Saprophytic of group Gastrodia produce tubers. These plants are consumed as food by indigenous people in Australia and can be successfully cultivated, especially Gastrodia sesamoides.

interested to grow orchids on pots or in the garden and confused where to get a the best orchid seeds.? you try to find here various kinds of the best orchid seeds and simply select the type of orchid you want to plant.

For those of you who are beginners and want to try to cultivate orchids, try to cultivate black orchid or orchid moon around your home. Good luck and practice how planting and cultivation of orchids. And enjoy the beauty of orchids cultivated your own.

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