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Guide How to Plant and Care Plants Peonies With Good and Right

Peonies flower is a kind of maintenance does not require huge costs and types of flowers is suitable for gardeners who do not like replant flowers every spring. This type of Peonies plant can bloom every year for ten years without stopping, or even for several centuries. Plant peonies in a quite watery, in nutrient-rich soil with the proper depth, so you can plant the Peonies plants without excessive maintenance for many years.
Guide How to Plant and Care Plants Peonies With Good and Right
This flower is available widely grown in Asia, southern Europe and western North America. Can be propagated through stem cuttings or seeds. For business purposes, the methods used are reproduction through stem cuttings. The family is very large flower species. There are about 38 species all. Among abchasica Paeonia, Paeonia anomala, and much more. In countries China, this flower is long (since ancient times again) become a symbol of wealth and honor and never became the country's national flower.

Of medical terms also, this flower is said to treat tumors, heart disease and neurological diseases. Peonies flowers are widely used in medicine traditionally in Korea, China and Japan. This flower tree will take somewhat longer to bloom if substantially removed and planted elsewhere, but will continue to bloom and blossom throughout the year when it starts flowering. Very appropriate to be used as an ornamental plant in our home area.

Peony Flower Growing Period
Both types of Peonies can be planted in early fall so they have time to become established in the soil before winter. Peonies grows can also be planted in the spring.
  • Plant bulbs in the bed ready, work compost or peat into the soil.
  • Dig a hole about eighteen inches and 18 inches for each bulb.
  • Space the holes so that the plants will be at least 3 feet apart. Fill the hole about half full of soil.
  • Also mix in some balanced fertilizer, such as 5-10-5 today.
  • Planting bulbs garden with bulging eyes no more than 2 inches below the soil surface.
  • A tuber is planted too deep will have difficulty producing blooms. Put a little soil around the bulb and water thoroughly.
  • Then fill the remaining hole with soil and press down firmly.
  • Water again to complete the tuber.
Immediately, we discuss Guide How to Plant and Care Plants Peonies With Good and Right it.
Selecting the location Planting
  • Plant peonies in the fall. Type of Peonies plants thrive when planted in the fall. Peonies can actually be planted in the spring, but his interest will tend to grow more slowly, and probably will not bloom for one or two years.
  • Choose a place that is exposed to sunlight for six to eight hours every day. If it was not, peony still can grow in places that are less exposed to sunlight, but the growth and flowering period will be reduced. Peony grows well in USDA hardiness Zones 3 through 8 are matched with a minimum temperature of -40 to -9.4ºC in the winter. If you are in Zone 8 or more, peony will probably grow at noon with full sunlight in the morning.
  • Leave a gap between the peony of about 0.9 meters. Plant each peony root clump of about 0.9 meters. Peony is often kept in the flower garden, but do not let them close to trees or shrubs, because wood and peony roots will compete for nutrients. Give the distance between peony and clearing weeds to absorb water circulation is important to do order to avoid fungal infections, tree peony species will grow better at a distance of 1.2 meters.
  • Avoid areas where previously peony can not be planted. Peony may cause problems if planted in an area where the previous peony grows. This may occur because of this peony soil nutrient deficiency, therefore suggestions about how planting peonies below may reduce the effects that can be caused. Maybe there are some risks that can be posed one of which is the cause of fungal infections persist.
  • Give a peony plant that can protect it from strong winds. Moreover, if the tree peony grows on small shrubs that can be exposed to the wind. However, if you are in an area with strong winds are not unusual, plant peony species other walls and fences that can protect these plants. Large trees can also provide protection for the peony, but still must be spaced at least 3 meters so peony root and do not compete for nutrients.

Planting Peony
  • Know the type of Peonies you have. There are two types of peonies: herbaceous peonies and tree peonies. Herbaceous peonies are usually considered to be a clump of roots that grow like plants that are used as a spice in cooking with green flower stems. Tree peony usually have a wooden rod attached to the clump of roots, and grow in a wood-trunked shrub. Tree peony also has a bulge in the root bark of different texture, wherein one kind of tree peony has been grafted to each other to create the best quality.
  • If the soil needs to be made to make it more fertile, dig a hole about 30-46 cm in width are the same. Peonies do not need to be planted as deep as this, but if your flower garden is rich in nutrients with such depth, hole depth like this is highly recommended so you can prepare a fertile ground for peony roots that will develop after planting. Wide hole that is at least 46cm is recommended for the same reason.
  • Add soil rich in nutrients and have enough water to the bottom of the hole. If your soil does not have enough water or low in nutrients, make 50/50 between the mixture of organic matter and soil your garden, and a guard was the mixture on the one hand to meet the hole.
  • Plant herbaceous peonies so that its tip is at 5 cm from the surface. Place the clump of peonies in a hole with a small tip or the "eye" long roots pointing upwards and downwards. The shoots should not be more than 5 cm from the surface, or your plants will not come to the surface. Continue to add soil around the peony to flat and flat land, and pressing the ground slowly to relieve air pressure that can dry out your plants. and if the tree peony Planting seedlings transplant at a depth of 10-15 cm below the surface. Tree peony with a wooden rod attached to the root clump affixed to stem graft at the root. Discover the bulge in the root where the stem and roots are combined together, and planting peonies so that the bulge is located at 10-15 cm below the soil surface.
  • Flush the peony. Give the new roots plenty of water to help the soil more fertile. Keep the soil moist, but not wet, until the peony emerge if planted in the spring.
Caring Peonies
Peonies requires very little maintenance because they are hardy flowering plants. However, the following tips treatments improve the living standards of peony plants.
Guide How to Plant and Care Plants Peonies With Good and Right
  • Peonies must be fed in early spring and again halfway through the growing season.
  • During the summer months are dry, Peonies require regular, deep watering.
  • Cultivate a half cup of low nitrogen fertilizer to the soil when the stem about 2 or 3 inches high.
  • Be careful not to damage the roots, and try to keep the fertilizer from direct contact with them, and do not over-fertilizer, because it produces a weak stems and flowering is reduced.
  • Eating is important because Peonies plant makes a very fast initial growth and this needs a complete meal to produce foliage and blooms.
  • For greater width, cut the excess buds of plants, so that only the terminal bud to develop.
  • For the number of flowers and flowering season again, leaving some lateral buds.
  • To prevent the flowers from breaking or bending during high winds or rain, giving the stock a sturdy plant stems and tie it with a thread loosely to the park or a strip of cloth.
  • Remove the flowers as soon as they fade to prevent seed development, which will use the necessary food reserves, and affect bloom next year.
  • In the fall, after the foliage dies back, cut the stems back to three inches, remove and destroy them.
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Thus a brief discussion about Guide How to Plant and Care Plants Peony With Good and Right, and please read the guide also plant other crops, including guides planted hydrangeablueberry planting guidesa guide to plant roses, and planted strawberries in pots, hopefully what is presented can be useful for the reader who likes gardening, especially the love of flowers, and if anyone would be asked to fill in the comments field, then we can sharing experiences.

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