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Easy Cultivation Of Strawberries In The Pot

Strawberries or strawberry precisely garden (also known as the strawberry, of the Dutch language aardbei) is a strawberry varieties most widely known in the world. Like the other species in the genus Fragaria (strawberry), fruit is within the family Rosaceae. In general, this fruit is not a fruit but a false fruit, meaning that the flesh is not derived from plant ovaries (achenium) but from the bottom of the bowl-shaped hypanthium ovary where the plant is located. And then we will discuss about easy cultivation of strawberries in the pot.
easy cultivation of strawberries in the pot
Whitish green strawberry fruit while it is growing, and in most species turns red when ripe. Its name comes from the Old English streawberige which is a combination of streaw or "straw" and berige or "berry". Naming the reason is still not clear. Some species of Lepidoptera take food sources of strawberry plants, making it a major pest species of strawberry plants. So that the strawberry plants do not wither and flourish. Strawberries are herbaceous plants that are very productive and tasty. Catalogue strawberries separates into four groups were distinguished on the climate. Strawberry also known as nutritional content and taste fresh.

Fresh strawberries that grow normally encountered in cold temperate highlands. If you want to plant strawberry plants in pots in the house of course the question arises, can Strawberry live in lowland temperate hot enough. Although Strawberry is a crop for the highlands but in Basically we Strawberry plants can be grown in lowland and can be grown in pots.
Strawberry is a plant that has the resilience and adaptability which is quite broad, general terms that are good for strawberry growing is like the climatic conditions of the following:
  • The optimum air temperature 17-20 C and minimum air temperatures between 4-5 degrees Celsius.
  • Air humidity (RH) 80-90%.
  • Solar radiation 8-10 hours / day.
  • Rainfall ranging between 600-700 mm / year.
The above requirements is not an absolute fact, I've tried himself to cultivate strawberry in where I live actual environmental conditions are less suitable for the cultivation of strawberries, in other words where I was in the lowlands, just how in treating particularly humidity.
Strawberry plants planted in potting media are basically tricky. There are a few important things to note about the way Strawberry plant in pots and in a hot area. Important note is the problem of adaptation from a cold to a hot area.

Here are some tips to plant strawberry in pots in hot areas:
  • What is important to plant a strawberry in a hot area, is not to start seedlings during the dry season, so start seedlings seeds during the rainy season and do behind closed doors, even if forced to do in the open, roofed put in place and make sure it does not rain.
  • After starting to enter the dry season, the train slowly strawberry so accustomed to the heat, the way every few days sliding position of the plant in order to move closer to areas exposed to the sun frontal, so the plants get used to the heat, and making it as a temperature tolerant and strong survive in hot temperatures, then make the plants can be easily cultivated to bear fruit.
Step Strawberry Plant In Pot
Prepare a weatherproof container with a 18-inch width in order to accommodate 10 to 12 plants; two containers can accommodate 25 bunches of plants are usually no selling, select the container shallow depth of 10 inches will be very good, for more details:
  • Tools and materials :
  • Strawberry plant seeds.
  • Pot with a diameter of 15-20 cm.
  • Soil humus.
  • Clean sand.
  • Compost.
  • Natural pesticides.
  • Shovel

Seed Selection.
Seeds used this time has been in the form of strawberry plants are still small. You can buy them, either around the house as well as online at a price depending on the type of strawberries were chosen. Quality seed must be properly addressed because it will directly affect your success in the cultivation of strawberry plants.

Strawberry seedlings can be said to be good if it looks fresh, young leaves are in bud, no injuries and no disease, and no part of the plant dries. If you are not careful in choosing the seeds, it is likely the plant will easily die because of difficulty adapting.

Making the planting medium.
They also have a demand for very high nutrient, however, also give them a growing medium rich in nutrients by mixing 3 parts light, a pot with a mixture of loose soil with 1 part compost and if possible and I suggest could be given one piece again for biochar and if material there can be added another cocopeat (I've covered how to easily create biochar, so it can be opened again on the menu video tutorial).

How to order flowers / fruit strawberries do not fall place the container in which they are received at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day, location is bright and airy to help thwart the attack of fungal diseases, because of the high humidity and not smooth air circulation will accelerate the disease, especially when the rainy season, and later when the disease attack will not be able to accelerate the growth of strawberry plants could even lead to death, and keep in mind, when the rainy season to plant diseases spread very quickly, so it could be in anticipation beforehand.

Water Needs
In order for strawberry plants lush and fast because they have roots that include shallow roots, strawberries should be watered regularly. Do not let the lack of water and the plants become stressed or drought, when water needs are not fulfilled then it can not accelerate the growth of the strawberry plant itself.

So that the fruit tastes sweet strawberries strawberry also issued branches and twigs, which diverts energy that should be used to fruition. Unless they want to propagate new plants, prune new branches so should be done regularly. In order for strawberry plants produce large fruit.

Giving Fertilizer
For a plant strawberry always fruitful apply organic fertilizers on a regular basis, to produce healthy food, organic fertilizer is highly recommended in the nutrition of strawberry plants, especially if you can add a biological fertilizer (for more details about the biological fertilizer either PGPR or another can be seen again on the menu, because I've been over).

Other articles : how to make your own organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer.

We can already harvest strawberries, when the fruit has begun to red and can direct us to enjoy.

Similarly, a brief review of easy cultivation of strawberries in the pot, and please read the guide also grow plants in pots or other polybag, including planting tomatoes in potsplanting cabbage in pot, and the guide planting orchids, hopefully what is conveyed can be useful to readers, and do not hesitate to try it, so when we dare to try the cultivation of strawberries in the pot, means already a step forward for us to know to be cultivated and please ask if there are obstacles, I am open to discussion for friends who want to ask, please use the comment section to ask questions or share experiences, and do not forget to share this article that could be useful for more, and give her G +.

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