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How to Utilize Waste Fruits Being MOL (Local MicroOrganisms) Fruits to plant fertility

How to Utilize Waste Fruits Being MOL

Definition and Benefits of MOL
MOL (Micro Organism Local) is one way to utilize local materials to be utilized as fertilizer so as not to damage the environment. MOL is the parent to make organic fertilizer. The term stands for Micro Organism MOL or Locally already widely known. MOL easy to make and easy to apply. Ways and methods of development of MOL also vary. However, sometimes a recipe MOL successfully implemented somewhere, often less successful elsewhere. Nevertheless manufacture of MOL is one way to make independent farmers.
How to Utilize Waste Fruits Being MOL (Lcal MicroOrganisms) Fruits to plant fertility
Benefits of Micro Organisms Local
MOL or abbreviations Local Micro Organisms often used for the cultivation of organic or semi-organic farming. MOL has many uses, such as:
  • Utilized as Liquid Organic Fertilizer
  • Decomposers or starter used as compost for composting
  • Used for botanical pesticide to repel pests
There are several types of MOL (Micro Organisms Local) are classified according to material of manufacture, one of which is the fruit MOL. MOL fruits is MOL made from scrap or waste fruits. In the manufacture of fruit MOL we could utilize the waste or the rest - the rest of the fruit that is around us. Almost all the fruit we can make as materials for MOL, for example, jackfruit, pineapple, banana, apple, peer, papaya and so on.

MOL fruit serves as a stimulant the formation of flowers and fruit. MOL influence the fruit on the plant is to inhibit the vegetative growth (bud formation and tiller), and stimulates the growth of generative (flower and fruit formation).

Another benefit of using fruit MOL is to improve the quality of the fruit, which increase durability and add sweetness. MOL fruit is also useful as decomposers or decomposing substances in the process of composting.

Here's one example of how to create MOL by utilizing local materials:

MOL Material Making Fruit
1. 1 kg of waste fruits (papaya, apples, bananas, pineapples, etc.)
2. 1 ounce of brown sugar
3. 1 liter of coconut water

How to Make Fruit MOL
1. Waste fruits chopped or crushed
2. Dissolve the sugar with coconut water
3. Put all the ingredients into a bucket, cover tightly
4. Fermented for 2 weeks
5. Open the lid every morning during the - / + 5 minutes to dispose of the gas which is formed so as not to explode

How to use
1. For Stimulant Fruit; 150 ml MOL mixed with 14 liters of clean water. Spray when the plants start flowering.
2. To Composting; Mix 1 liter MOL with 5 liters of water, add brown sugar 1 ounce. stir until dissolved and spray on the compost material.

Similarly, a glimpse on how to utilize the fruit waste into MOL fruits, hopefully what is presented can be useful, and continues to follow these tips - tips that are presented in the review - further reviews ..

please also tutorial can be downloaded from the experience of making MOL (Micro Organisms Local) with banana weevil materials (here).

farm greetings !!!
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