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Steps Right In Pomegranate Tree Cultivation

Pomegranate tree or in scientific language is called "Punica granatum" there is also a call Pome garnete. The origin of pomegranate some say including family asia shrub, species of the island socarta. There also are estimated to come from Iran, but more and more developing pomegranate tree cultivation in the area is the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and India, also in Southeast Asia, accounting for Indonesia.
Pomegranate Tree Cultivation

This plant undergoing rapid change after cultivated in France. Given the seeds are really a lot, about 800 seeds / fruit, the French call them to mention this is a pome fruit gernete or apple with seed. The story of the pomegranate has a popular name known wild pomegranate tree.
Hearing the name of pomegranate may already be familiar to you, and maybe if there are people who still do not know only a few people. The pomegranate is a fruit has a distinctive shape, sweet taste, has bright colors when going to eat it, and has many benefits for our body, especially the benefits for the health of the body.

Pomegranate can be used in various preparations, one of which is a syrup, for those of you who want to start cultivating this fruit helps you know the proper steps to cultivate pomegranates tree in order to obtain maximum results. In the past some people planted in the yard - yard for planting into medicinal plants, both the pomegranate red, white or purple pomegranate (with nearly the same physical way only there were some differences in color inside the fruit is not the same). But along with the changing times, as well as the growing number of people, then the yard land narrowed, resulting in the less people who want to plant a pomegranate tree in the yard.

Step cultivate pomegranate tree is not difficult, because this plant is really like in the loose soil that is not awash, the ground water that is not deep. But of the area ideal for the development of the pomegranate tree is an area of tropical dry season is long with a height of 1.000 m above the sea level. Punica granatum trees may also grown in the lowlands. The steps just before starting the cultivation of this crop is very important, because it will affect crop yields are obtained. Here I will review the appropriate steps to initiate this pomegranate fruit cultivation :

Preparing pomegranate seeds
Pomegranate seeds can be a variety of ways. For the latter method commonly used is the woody stem cuttings (grafting). For the grafting process usually takes as long as 3 months. In this case the results after transplant grown root well can be ascertained when the plant will grow and bear fruit more quickly than the other way to cultivate them. Seed can also be obtained by way of purchase, usually seedlings are sold already had a growing interest.
Pomegranate Tree Cultivation

Planting seeds of pomegranate
To plant the seeds of pomegranate on the ground make sure that the ground conditions are already loose, the ground has also been mixed with a basic fertilizer base, a good fertilizer used is organic fertilizer. Ready after the land you can plant the seeds of Jatropha each is 5 m between plants. Planting cut when the buds are located next to the process of planting and pruning branches so that seeds can form a literal single branch. Plant saplings only required to be able to generate vigor terminals in a way in on him. This is done so as not to damage the plant pomegranate. After that is done watering regularly for 2 months. To strengthen the growth can be carried out pruning and soil accumulation around the roots.

Pomegranate plant maintenance
You must pay attention to the maintenance of irrigation and watering of these plants, note also the pattern in delivering the fertilizer, it is intended that the treatment carried out in accordance with the conditions required by the plant. Fertilizer application is done at the end of the end of the dry season, the treatment against diseases and pests that attack plants should also be done routinely. And fungal diseases that attack trees will result in long flowering trees will produce fruit or unfavorable. It needs to be done to overcome this sort of thing is the spraying of pesticides (for pest plants) and fungicides (for plant diseases) that is suitable and can also wrap the fruit when the fruit begins to grow large, it is intended that pests can not eat fruit will mature so the fruit will be damaged and reduced it feels (to combat pests and plant diseases can be read also on the menu tag on natural pesticides).

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The period of maturation and harvest of pomegranates
In this period of pomegranate will be susceptible to cracking, if the fruit is not ripe, the fruit is harvested will be of inferior quality, preferably before the base of the fruit changes color to yellow do not do the harvest in advance, in order to harvest the fruit should use scissors harvest, not revoked, and then do the packing and sorting of the fruit will be marketed.

Thus a little review of the Steps Right In Pomegranate Tree Cultivation, please read also the other articles on the cultivation, the reader can look at the menu tags, and do not forget after reading this article so that readers can share this article could be more useful. And one more, provide time to give G + in the article has been read.

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