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Utilizing Waste Plastic Become Nurseries and Growing Media

Utilizing waste into products with more benefits will be able to reduce the amount of waste around us in this case is garbage, especially plastic waste which is difficult to decompose and it took a long time to get destroyed. Problem of waste is always a chore for everyone, especially in the present era of waste that is difficult parsed so piled up and many kinds.
Utilizing Waste Plastic Become Nurseries and Growing Media

So what can we do to address these issues.?

Surely we are trying to take advantage of the goods that have more benefits. If we limitations to capital, let us try to make the best use possible with these limitations like the way I'll try to give to utilize plastic waste into media became even nursery cultivation media. Tips I gave this was a personal experience of utilizing the waste that exists around us were thrown away, and of course, for you can conclude how the costs to be incurred in utilizing the waste.

Surely capital will we spend will be smaller in the cultivation or in gardening in our yard, by utilizing the waste that exists around us, let us try a little math to get conclusions have more value in the use of media in the breeding or cultivation, in here we try to break down the advantages and disadvantages between media use polybags by utilizing plastic waste in this case can be used with plastic waste from a glass of mineral water, a bottle of mineral water, or buckets thrown away, Even if the waste material was bought certainly at a very cheap price , Below is a description of my experience, so perhaps there is dissatisfaction of readers then I have to apologize because every experience is not always the same person.

Media Polybag or Media Pot
Advantages: with polybag media certainly more practical, because we can directly buy and immediately we use without having reworked. Which is probably just the level of practicality alone in my opinion the advantages of the use of polybags, but readers might want to add other advantages.

Deficiencies: With polybag media we actually produce waste, because of my experience and in some places I see the use of the disposable polybags of course this generates waste from the use of this media, let alone waste hard-parsed.

Must be ready to provide more funds to buy it, how no price polybag is not expensive at all but we have to always spend as willing to do the breeding or cultivation, especially if you have to buy pots for plants that we want to plant, can be calculated from the price of each pot with needs that we want to plant crops, sizable right.?

Utilizing plastic waste that is around us
Advantages: funds expended certainly less expensive or less. With media plastic waste such as glass, a bottle of mineral water or a bucket of used it more durable and can be used repeatedly until it actually can not be used again. Not hard to find materials that will be utilized, because all around us is so abundant.

Deficiencies: it must have a strong will, because the choice we want lazy or not to treat waste that is around us.

Maybe it was just on my review of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of polybags and utilizing waste around us for media seeding or planting media, perhaps the reader want to add please later we discussed together so that our farmers become more creative in utilizing waste around it becomes more value or to reduce spending funds in cultivation. And now I will give you tips that I think no hassle and very easy for us to do, of course, utilize waste tips around us that later I have to, of course, from my personal experience. Well here are tips utilize plastic waste into media seeding or planting media.

Waste glass, bottles, or plastic bucket: for this I suggest you do not transfixed by what I say, if the raw material is abundant please be maximized, but if not, the reader can adjust to what is around you, because the condition of each person and the place is not always the same, so please be creative utilizing the waste that is around.

Solder (apparatus for melting objects): once again I suggest do not dwell with me, if no please maximize that are around you, can use a screwdriver or other.

How to create a media seeding or planting media.
From the material we get, the material need only riddled with solder, if not please you can find a screwdriver or metal later in the heat to make it easier to make a hole in the plastic material, especially at the bottom so that when doing the watering, the water that is in the media planting or seeding can flow and caused flooding in the media. Now we are ready to use the seeding media and media certainly is not disposable.
Utilizing Waste Plastic Become Nurseries and Growing Media
From the photo above is one I've ever done, from my experience of the material of the plastic cups that I could use stronger to 2.5 years more as a media for plant nurseries, I often use for breeding to chilli cultivation and the breeding for papaya cultivation, and of course for me this way I could reduce funding for media needs seeds, and of course these funds can I divert for other purposes either to buy sugar as an ingredient in breeding various types of biological agents (biological fertilizers, insecticides biology, and fungicide biology), and of course I would be able to reduce the capital again from the treatment plant that I cultivated one would need fertilizers and pesticides (both insecticides and fungicides, and the end result of my plants is zero chemical pesticides.

From the above explanation we can conclude with the adoption turned out this way is like a proverb "once paddle two or three islands could be exceeded". But the tips above depending on private individuals, included in the class that entered in the class of lazy or hardworking (creative). So let's start from ourselves in advance to an advancement of the agricultural sector, once we were able then the next task to invite other people to be able to move forward together.

I ends meet until here well in discussions about Utilizing Plastic Waste Being media Nurseries Or media Plant, hopefully a piece of my experience could be useful to readers, and especially for friends of farmers me, let's continue to promote the agriculture sector, because if we do not want anyone else.? Okay do not forget to share this information with other friends that I wrote this article could be more useful for others.

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