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How To Grow Cantaloupe From Seed In Containers

Cantaloupe is one type of fruit is widely used as a raw material for making fruit soup or a mixture of fresh ice. If you observe carefully you might say if fruit cantaloupe like pumpkins or when pieces of cantaloupe was little similar to the melon, of some of the similarities that exist in the cantaloupe if we review the morphology of cantaloupe is a family Cucurbitaceae with orders Violale so appearance is almost similar to pumpkin plants, but in view cantaloupe fruit has orange skin and has patches of greenHistorically plant cantaloupe is a fruit that comes from southeast asia. Cantaloupe fruit is best eaten with a lot of water content and refreshing, cantaloupe fruit also has many benefits for our health. Cantaloupe for health benefits of which can prevent heart disease, can reduce high blood pressure, prevent cancer disease risk, and may lose weight, and many more benefits cantaloupe fruit you can get. With the many benefits that we can get, maybe you can try to grow cantaloupe in garden you have, if you have limited or minimal land, you can also try planting cantaloupe in the container.

Planting cantaloupe is actually easy, especially if you grow in small quantities because it will be easier in the monitoring of the plant, with this ease is supposed you be able to get the harvest of cantaloupe with a maximum results, especially plant cantaloupe are more tolerant to drought, because the plant cantaloupe most often planted when entering the dry seasonSo for those of you who live in a place that has a summer long you can try planting cantaloupe, the most important thing you can meet the water needs during the age of the plants are still young, flowering, and enlargement of the fruit, this is done so that the fruit of cantaloupe can be maximized, and as notes cantaloupe plants do not like the excess water, so you can provide enough water, because if excessive cantaloupe plants even less than the maximum moment production and quality is also reduced if the excess water.

Planting cantaloupe in container is technically almost identical to how to grow another example grow tomatoes in pots or planting watermelons in container, those who are new gardening most important thing you can know the basics in plant crops. If you want to know how to grow cantaloupe, this time I will give you guidance cantaloupe plant in container, this way you can also apply when planting cantaloupe in raised garden bed or in the yard, the selection became a technical for you in deciding where, because this time I give a guidance how to grow cantaloupe from seed in container, were encompasses seeding, planting, care spanning plant fertilization cantaloupe, control of pests and plant diseases cantaloupe, whereas for irrigation I have explained in paragraph 2, and the last harvest cantaloupe , Okay, we discuss about how to grow cantaloupe from seed in container. Before you plant cantaloupe in pot, there is were need to prepare in advance, for more details as follows:
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Preparation tools and materials used for growing cantaloupe in container.

  • Gardening tools
  • Small pots and container that is at least 50cm (adjusted to the needs of the many plants that you will plant).

  • Seed
  • Media nursery with a mixture of organic materials used fertilizer: soil: charcoal (1: 1: ½)
  • Media planted using a mixture of soil: organic fertilizer: vermicompost (1: 1: ½)
  • Fertilizers (organic fertilizers, biological fertilizers and chemical fertilizers).
  • Pesticides (organic pesticides, biological pesticide and chemical pesticides)

Note: If you have any questions with the tools and materials used you can ask me in the comments field that has been provided.

After the preparation you have done and are ready, then we can move on to the next step, namely breeding cantaloupe and plant it in container, for the selection of technical planting between organic and chemical please choose yourself, I received a discussion with you about the growing techniques, because in this review I will give you guidance on how to grow cantaloupe in container or pot in general but it is easy and simple for you to do in your home. Okay, here's the full review.

Cantaloupe plant nursery
Seeds that you have got can immediately make into seedlings which later will planted, to the steps as follows:
  • Soak the seed cantaloupe 24 hours, from the immersion process you can make preparations to make medium nursery by mixing ingredients that have I mentioned in the above, and do not forget after media nursery ready so you can water it and make a small hole in the middle of media nursery with a depth of about 1cm, is you do in preparation for planting seeds.
  • After the immersion is complete, you can drain and then planted them in nursery media, after which you can close it again with a bit of land, and you have to keep the humidity seeding media, do not let dry up the seed can grow well.
  • On day 5 usually seed has begun to germinate, and on day 12 the seeds have been growing, and when the seed has at least as many leaves as 4 strands, seedlings you might have to move to the growing media (container) that is bigger, and you can set up media planting in larger containers while waiting cantaloupe seedlings ready for your transplanting.
Planting cantaloupe
Once the seedlings ready for transplanting, then you can move to the place that has been prepared in advance, before transplanting, you should flush the media nursery first, the benefit is in order that medium nursery which will in transplanting not destroyed and damage the roots of seedlings cantaloupe moment transplanting , To reduce the level of stress after moving plants, you can do the transplanting in the morning or late in the evening, and do not forget to water it a little bit.

Treatment plant cantaloupe
Treatment plants also have to do if you want a good harvest, the care you can give your plants including pest and disease control, supplementary fertilization and irrigation if the planting medium looks dry (especially during flowering and fruit enlargement).

Pests on cantaloupe plants
Pests on cantaloupe plants actually almost the same pests on watermelon plants, such as pest mealybugs, thrips, mites, worms and rodents. If you grow organically cantaloupe you can prevent pest infestation by spraying an organic insecticide or a biological insecticide on a regular basis (every 10 days 1 time).

Cantaloupe plant diseases
You may have to be wary attack leaf spot disease or late blight, because the disease can strike and spread rapidly, in my country there is one case which could be a concern for you, how in the field can be said crop failure because of being attacked by late blight only with 2 days because of late in control. Tips on preventing diseases in plants cantaloupe, including maintaining the cleanliness of the planting medium from the growth of grass or other plants are diseased, as for other diseases that attack plants cantaloupe, such as fusarium disease, and foul Phytopthora.

Cantaloupe plant fertilization
You need to know is that you know the Cantaloupe plants growth phase, by knowing the plants growth phase, it is expected that you do proper fertilization, with proper fertilizationthen the plant will grow well. In the Cantaloupe plants there are 2 growth
 phases such as with other fruit crops, namely the vegetative phase and generative phase. I've already explained about the phases of plant growth, so you can do a supplementary fertilizer on days 10, 25, and 40 days after transplanting seedlings to planting larger.

Harvesting Cantaloupe
Harvesting Cantaloupe adapted to the type Cantaloupe which you plant in container, in general, you might have Cantaloupe fruit harvest after 60 days from transplanting Cantaloupe plants. To know Cantaloupe plants is ready to harvest, you can see the fruit stalk shrinking or look fragile, or you can also see Cantaloupe fruit that falls themselves.

That's a few tips on how to grow Cantaloupe in container, hopefully you can understand what I say in this paper, and it is easy to grow Cantaloupe, and you can practice it at home as your gardening activities. The most important thing you should be able to care for Cantaloupe plants well, because you also want to be able to get the results of the production and has a good fruit quality. If you are still confused, you can ask me, hopefully I can help you. Okay, so the information I give to you, may be useful and help you.

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