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Easy Guide For Newbies To Grow Organic Tomatoes In Container For Maximum Results

Tomato is a vegetable that most favored by many people, and tomatoes is one of the type of vegetables that is widely grown for gardening activities on the home page. We often encounter tomatoes presented at each of cuisine, but in addition to create a mix of cuisine, it turns out tomatoes also contain many nutrients that are good for our bodies, nutrition content in tomatoes including tomatoes contains vitamins A, C, K, follat, and many more, so tomatoes are very beneficial to our health, one of the benefits tomatoes for health is to lose weight, improve the ability of the eye, keeping hypertension, heart health, and many more benefits of tomatoes for our health. But this time I'm not going to talk a lot about the health benefits of tomatoes, because we will be more focused on discussing about the easy guide for newbies to grow organic tomato in containers for maximum results. in growing organic tomatoes in containers you can use containers for anything, if for me should not be made dizzy to issue containers, you can grow tomatoes in pots or by utilizing waste plastic that are around your home, the most important waste that you use can be made growing media and there was a hole as irrigation for planting a tomatoes so that water can leak when you flush, just a suggestion, because we aim to get organic vegetable crops, then we prepare containers as a growing medium a minimum 30 cm diameter. With hope we can grow organic tomatoes with maximum results.

Planting organic tomatoes in containers or pot to me more easily than with the tomatoes cultivation in a large area, because when you grow tomatoes in pots on the home page much easier in care, as you can easily control the tomato plant, it is easier to control pests and diseases tomato plants, and it is easier to meet nutritional needs tomato plants, because you will focus on some of the plants alone, in contrast to plant tomatoes in a large area, you will be faced with a plant very much. This article is devoted to beginners who are just starting to grow organic tomatoes in containers or pot, so if an article I wrote a rather long then please understand, because it is devoted to those who are just starting to grow organic tomatoes in containers. Tips grow organic tomatoes, especially for those of you who want to growing tomatoes from seed, the preparation you need including seed selection tomatoes were good, mixing media good planting, care of tomato plants were good, surrounding the fulfillment of plant nutrition, pest and plant diseases, and pruning tomato plants that are not useful (for certain types of tomato seed as a product of heirloom). Okay we just discuss about growing tips organic tomatoes in containers or pot.
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Planting guide organic tomatoes in containers or pot
Nursery tomatoes plant
The seeds that you have purchased you can do a nursery, a place for the nursery tomatoes you can use pots tray or anything that can be utilized as a nursery tomatoes plants, the most important water could seep to the media the nursery, the next step is to fill the nursery tomatoes the planting medium, planting media that you can use are:

  • Soil : organic fertilizer (compost: sand with planting medium mixing ratio in : : 1
  • Soil : organic fertilizer (compost: husk by mixing 1 : 1 : 1
  • Soil : organic fertilizer with a ratio of : 1.5
Please select the most convenient for you, the most important in growing media containing organic fertilizer is ripe. Next is to soak the seeds overnight or you can directly put a seed in the planting medium, and you should keep moisture planting medium. On day 5 usually the seeds have started to grow, after having leaves at least 3 you can move the pot small, and the need to remember do not let roots of tomato plants, there are broken when moving candidate seeds, as they can cause tomato plants become stressed and even plants can die. While waiting for the tomato seedlings are ready for planting in containers or a larger pot, then you can prepare the planting medium for containers or a larger pot, for the mixing of planting medium for tomato plants you can use as in the nursery, if you have cocopeat then you can mix it up , because a lot of the benefits of cocopeat for plants. Okay to this point I assume you've been able to comprehend and understand, so we can move on to the next point.

Growing organic tomato in containers or pot
Once the seedlings tomatoes have leaves at least 6 strands, then the next step you can move the tomato seedlings to be planted in containers or a larger pot, in moving the tomato seedlings you have to carefully so the ground that the seeds do not let destroyed, you can flush water beforehand in order land on the seedlings do not fall apart when moved planting, if you place a hot condition or are experiencing dry season, my advice is you can grow tomatoes in the afternoon, so that plants can adapt better and faster. And do not forget pots for seedlings should not be planted too.

Organic tomato plant care
Once you grow organic tomatoes in containers or pot, then the next step is organic tomato plant care. Treatment plants can you start after sowing, the first one you can do is keep the planting medium do not let dry and should not be flooded (too much water). You can flush every morning and flush with a portion slightly in the afternoon, and if moment you move the seedlings into containers and not many roots are damaged, usually on day 2 of tomato plants have started a fresh look to grow. And the next steps for the care I split 4 points as shown below.

1. Organic tomatoes  plant fertilization
Its outlines of tomato plants has 2 growth phases, namely the phase of vegetative and generative phase. Vegetative phase tomato plants are more focused on the formation of roots, new shoots, and stems. So for this phase of tomato plants require more nutrients dominant N (nitrogen), P element enough, elements of K bit. If the plant looks less than the maximum at 12 days, then you can add organic fertilizer back (could use solid organic fertilizer or use a liquid organic fertilizer), and should be noted for those of you that can not be be a standard that falid, because in gardening activities theory sometimes different from the practice, so you have to adjust the existing plants in the house
But for supplementary fertilizer can be provide when the tomato plant aged 15 and 30 days after planting. Furthermore generative phase, at this phase of tomato plants to focus more on flowering, fruiting, and enlargement of the fruit, but the tomato plants are still growing with new shoots. For fertilizing, you can use organic fertilizers dominant with nutrition K, you can obtain from coconut husk or cocopeat, or you can make your own liquid organic fertilizer made from coconut husks, or cocopeat, which you can later use everything is in compliance with nutrition K for your tomatoes plants, for more details please read how to make liquid organic fertilizer made from coconut husks, or cocopeatYou can give at age 45, 60, 75, when at the age of 80 days the tomatoes still grow well and produce, then you need to give supplementary fertilizer again at the age of 85 days. At each fertilization you can combine with biological fertilizer, you can make and develop their own biological fertilizers, for more details you can read my other guide on how to make compost tea + biological fertilizer with low cost.

2. Giving stake and pruning tomatoes plant
Giving stake on tomato plants you can give when tomato plants aged 10-15 days, the aim of giving stake on tomato plants is that the buds of plants can propagate at stake and as the support of a tomato plant that not fall down when the fruit (have a heavy load), and you also have to set new shoots in order to propagate at stake as well or you can tie the stems of tomato plants at stake
to methods of trimming tomato plants can do when the tomatoes begin to bear fruit, new shoots or twigs that are at around the fruit you can prune, usually starting from the new shoots (shoots that were interrupted twigs) or twigs were at the bottom, this is done in order to plant nutrition focused the enlargement tomato fruit, and it should be noted that there are several varieties of tomatoes that do not require pruning, so before you plant tomatoes, you should read the existing technical guidelines planted in every pack of seeds.
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3. Controlling pests and diseases organic tomato plants
We recommend that you take preventive than at hassle you with the treatment of tomato plants are attacked by pests and diseases, for the prevention when controlling organic tomatoes plant pests, you can use organic insecticide or biology, and for the prevention organic tomatoes plant diseases you can use a fungicide organic or biological. Technical use you can alternate each 1x / week (week 1 bioinsektisida - week 2 biofungisida - to 3 bioinsektisida - to 4 biofungisida, and so on). Or you can adjust crop conditions or prevent it from pests attack by providing a tight net around the plant.

4. Watering tomato plants
Watering tomatoes can you do if you see a planting medium dry, and you can water it in the morning or in the way at the nursery watering plants.

Tomato crop harvest
Tomato plants are usually already started can we harvest at the age of 60 days or customized with varieties of tomato plants you planted, you can harvest when tomato fruit have changed color to red, or customized to your taste when harvesting tomato fruit most important tomato fruit is ripe, you can harvest tomatoes to tomato plants did not produce themselves, from my experience with Organic tomatoes if maintained very good tomato plants could have a production life longer than usual. And your tomato harvests are certainly organic tomatoes are healthier for consumption by your family.

That is Organic tomatoes plant guide, with the care you provide is excellent, does not rule out the possibility of organic tomato plants you can optimally productive. And hopefully from my guide about the organic tomato plant in a container or pot can understand, after you read the tips on growing tomatoes from me you can directly practice. If there are obstacles in growing Organic tomatoes you can visit here again and ask constraints that you face. And hopefully I can help to solve your problem in growing organic tomatoes.

Okay, that was it I can say to you, may be useful and help you, especially for those of you who are newbies in planting organic tomato plants or just want to start to grow organic tomatoes. And if this information is very useful, then you can share this information with others, you can share with your relatives, friends, community, or your neighbors. So the new planted organic tomatoes have more detailed reference in growing Organic tomatoesand you can read my other guide on how to growing chilies in containers or pot.

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