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Maximizing Agricultural Production With Balanced Fertilizer Program

Who does not want to be when we grow, harvest is abundant.?
Who does not want their agricultural production costs can be minimized.?
Who does not want to start getting used to the lack of dependence on chemical fertilizers.?
Who does not want their agricultural products are healthy products that are not contaminated by the use of drugs - drugs chemistry ..?
Well let us try to discuss how the hell do .. ??
Before we further discuss how good we must know what is a balanced fertilizer Program.?

Balanced Fertilizer Program
Balanced fertilizer program is fertilizer into the soil to achieve the status of all essential nutrients and optimum balance in the soil to increase the production and quality of agricultural products, fertilizer efficiency, soil fertility and avoid environmental pollution. Type of soil nutrients that have reached optimum levels or high status, do not need to add anymore, except as a replacement for nutrients transported during harvest.
From the above description may already be a little we draw conclusions, it is not just the increased production, production costs can be minimized, but the sustainability of healthy soil also need to think about so that we can maintain soil fertility continuously. Which is definitely not in question and its benefits when we can implement it, it will be a lot of benefits to be gained by agriculturalists.

Continues how.?

Before we implement it, should we have to prepare his needs first, my experience that there are three important points in the balanced fertilization treatment.
  • The availability of organic materials to the land that we want to plant.
  • Biological fertilizer application.
  • 30% of chemical fertilizer from habits we provide chemical fertilizers on our crops.
Ok we discussed for the three points above, the availability of organic fertilizer or a number that we will give a reference for points to 3, because when we provide organic fertilizer with volume more it will be able to cover the needs for points to 3, because in organic fertilizer itself already contains all the essential nutrients even if it implies a bit, so the above I say the more we provide organic fertilizer on the land, meaning less we use chemical fertilizers, if the use of organic fertilizers in full for reference me every land area of ​​10,000 m2 it requires fertilizer approximately 25-30 tonnes of organic, and any organic material yields can be input back to the land (in the first composting yes before we plant again).

Well how about for those limitations to the fulfillment of organic fertilizer.?

It's like my experience, by providing organic fertilizer periodically, I took over 3 years to make my usual planting land can become fertile again, in practice every time I want to plant always provide 5 tons of organic fertilizer to an area of ​​10.000 m2 and any organic material the rest of the harvest I give back to the land, to a pattern like this I also still use chemical fertilizer but gradually, in practice the first I gave 70% of chemical fertilizer from habit, please be advised because it can not meet with much volume so they use chemical fertilizers , which surely every plant I always reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer use, at the start of the 70%, 50%, 30%, to 0% or no use of chemical fertilizers at all.

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Next we discussed the points to 2, the use of biological fertilizers which also greatly affects how the output will we get, the logic so the nature of organic fertiliz Bacillus sp, Pseudomonas sp, Azotobacter sp, Burkholderia sp, etc. And we also need the role of biological fertilizers as an antidote to pests and plant diseases, which I knew to pests akathoshiro, and for diseases or fungal I know there is Bacillus subtillis, pseudomonas flourescens (for more details, please can reopen the article the other, because I've never discussed). When we could be taking seriously in applying this pattern, it is not possible all the above questions can we answer with results that can make smile farmers, but talking on the field a lot of obstacles in the face, not about the pattern or method, but less confident farmers apply this pattern, due to the limitations they are more concerned with the results and treatment instantly without thinking about the results for the long term, so it's still fixated with the provision of chemical fertilizers were excessive, may have also experienced in the country the other, or perhaps in the country readers are still experiencing.

er very long utilized for crops, means we must require a role that could accelerate nutrient organic fertilizers fast utilized, was this role of biological fertilizers, for my own know PGPR or NPK naturally there there are many microbes that are beneficial to the soil, plants, and of course farmers bleak microbial Azospirillum sp, Azospirillum brazillense,
As for points to 3, we only adjust points to 1, can be fully organic or want tiered in chemical fertilizer. Surely it is adjusted to the conditions that existed at the farmers, my suggestion organic fertilizer should remain to be given.

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What about what still needs to be asked about the reviews above.?

I provide the comments field is not without purpose, because hope many will ask, because if the article I review whether it could meet the problems of every farmer, of course, does not yet and may still be far away, so it provides the comment section so that readers want to share a problem or experience in the agricultural world, so I hope do not be embarrassed to ask.

Okay so what I can tell about how to maximize agricultural production with balanced fertilization Program, more or less I apologize perhaps there is a sentence that is less fit, and of course I hope that this article can be useful, do not forget to share it with others, to be more this useful article, and who forgot to take the time to give a bit of G +.
Farm greetings and congratulations O fighters food fight, and hopefully we can produce products that are healthy with no use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides. !!!

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