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Simple Herb Controlling Mealybugs Pests At Plant

Difficult to control pest mealybugs / whitefly.?
Want to know how to control pest mealybugs / whitefly.?
Or want to know the herb to combat whitefly / mealybugs on your plants.?
In fact easy to control whitefly origin on target, then will I give tips but first I explained briefly about the mealybugs pest.
Simple Herb Controlling Whitefly Pests At Plant

Whitefly Biology (Bemisia tabaci Genn.)
Mound and Halsey (1978) reported that Bemisia genus has 37 species are thought to have come from Asia.
Order: Hemiptera;
Family: Aleyrodidae;
Genus: Bemisia;
Species: tabaci.

Mealybugs Morphology
Eggs are usually laid on the underside of leaves, on top of leaves (shoots). Female insects prefer leaves that have been infected with yellow mosaic virus as a place to lay their eggs than healthy leaves. The average number of eggs laid on leaves that virus is 77 grains, while the healthy leaves only 14 items. Old egg stage an average of 5.8 days. Nymph stage average of 9.2 days.

Adult insects are small body between (of 1 - 1.5 mm), white, and clear wings covered with a layer of wax mealy. Adult insects are usually clustered at the lower surface of the leaf, and when it touched the plant will usually fly as fog or white mealybugs. Pest mealybugs is a very polifag (attack different types of plants), among others, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, and wild plants.

Mealybugs host plant; peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, beans, lettuce, cut flowers gerbera, sweet potato, cassava, soybeans. Wild plants that most preferred is the type of plant Ageratum conyzoides.

Mealybugs Pest Damage
  • Direct damage to the plant caused the adult and nymph insects that suck the fluid leaves, in the form of symptoms of necrotic spots on leaves due to damage to the cells of the leaf tissue n.
  • Excretion mealybugs produce honey dew that is where the growth of the black soot that, it causes the normal ongoing process of photosynthesis indeterminate.
Well this is the most worrying, in addition to direct damage from the adult and nymph insects, mealybugs very dangerous because it can act as carriers of the virus. Until now recorded 60 types of viruses that are transmitted by the mealybugs on crops are attacked, among others:
  • Gemini virus
  • Clostero virus
  • Nepo virus
  • Carla virus
  • Poty virus
  • Rod-shaped DNA virus
Pests whitefly / mealybugs on plants because often we encounter these pests I think it was easy to whitefly identification on your plants, with habits gather on the underside of leaves make this pest is known, especially for those of you that much time looking at the plants or garden especially for those who never papaya, chili, and cassava must have been there, and in the summer or dry these pests will be more fierce, because I've been there. In practice why these pests are hard to control, and possibly for those of you who are looking for articles on how to eradicate the pest mealybugs is also because it has not found the right way to control it, I think is reasonable if control was difficult, for me because you are in control not the right target , why can not the right target.? because the body of the whitefly / mealybug there is a layer of wax-like covering, so when sprayed insecticides that do not pierce the body of course the pest is not affected by the drugs that you gave in the sense you can not control these pests.

Pest mealybugs from my observation is actually more spread and most prefer attacking on chilli plants, plant cassava, mango, and papaya plants even at other plants are also pest attack as well, but the plants on the course, you often find these pests in number very much. Pest mealybugs if not controlled quickly will be very detrimental to the plant, because the lice will suck the liquid contained in the leaves so that later can interfere with photosynthesis of plants, whereas when sucking on the fruit later fruit does not look attractive and certainly taste the fruit is not sweet , much worse this pest is not just sucking the liquid alone but on other conditions of these pests carry various viruses and diseases of plants, seems to me to worry about from this pest is a virus carried, because if plants are infected with the virus would not want plants must be destroyed, rather than spread to other plants, so it does not matter if dispose of the plants affected by the virus. justified .. ???

To know the symptoms of pest whitefly / mealybugs would I explained as below.
Whitefly attack / mealybug are usually characterized by a large blob of white wax threads on the surface of fruits and / or on the lower surface of leaves. This happens because the white lice live clustered. Mealybugs suck plant fluids by means of inserting the tool into the mouth epidermal tissue of leaves or fruit. In the old leaves attacks usually occur along the central spine and leaf veins, while the young leaves and fruit occur on all parts. At the time of sucking the liquid, oral appliance lice inject toxins into the plant tissue. As a result, attacks on the tip causes the leaves to grow stunted and shriveled. In addition, papaya mealybug pests produce honey dew from his anal passage. Honey dew is then covered with soot fungi, so that the surface of the leaves and fruit of the plants are attacked black. In the state of heavy attack, the entire surface is covered under full leaf mite that causes the leaves to dry and the plants eventually die. Heavy attack on the fruit can cause damaged fruit quality.

How to control the pest whitefly / mealybugs on plants.?
In pest control whitefly / mealybug in fact many do, I will give you 3 potions that you can use and the most important ingredients to make the potion easy for you get, as my principle "looking for an easy first around you to be exploited ". And potions which I will share also depends on where you want to choose the good with chemical insecticides or by using vegetable insecticides or make your own concoction cheaper and easier course. Because in making your own concoction of course you have to be patient and willing to practice it, if you want to try the tips that will be my potion on this occasion I will try to explore all for you to make a simple formula for pest control mealybugs that's based on my own experience. At my experience in pest control mealybugs with this herb for me quite successful, but if you apply the same like me, you have to be patient because it does not like the use of chemical insecticides were quickly in control, with this herb you have to be patient about 4-5 day waiting for the results, because I was like that, to how to make potions in pest control whitefly / mealybugs are some tips from me that with the use of ash, papaya leaves, waste tobacco, which first will I peeled of material ash up first, more details as below.

How to Make Lice Remedy For Controlling Whitefly/Mealybugs 
Ash from burning
Dishwashing soap (for the brand up to you)


Ways of manufacture
  • Prepare about 1 kg of fuel ash and water about 5 liters.
  • Put water and fuel ash bucket to soak overnight later.
  • Once you complete immersion strain to take his soaking water.
  • Before use you mix them first with dishwashing soap about 2 tablespoons, stirring until evenly distributed.
  • Herb already finished and ready for use, for more effective this solution can be applied with a brush on the affected plant pests, if it could be sprayed with spray for mealybugs equipment that has a rather big pressure.
Note: for application in the garden can be tailored to their needs, you just convert the comparison yourself, if you want to add the amount of dishwashing soap it up to you, if from above is an effective way of doing also add volume needs soap, it'll actually add more costs.

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if you want to know a variety of techniques in organic pest control you can visit organic pest control and you can find the book you want..

Well that's my tips on Simple Herb Controlling Mealybugs Pests At Plant, may be useful to readers, especially for farmers papaya, if any questions please ask, so we can discuss, and do not forget to share this article to be more useful.

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