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Tips on How to Grow Plants Mustard In The Pot Or polybag Correctly

Different ways people grow vegetables to land conditions that do not allow it as an alternative to the use of polybags or use a flower pot, all can be done with simple and easy. to the level of fertility and the plants themselves usually tend to be fertile when applied to palybag or pot. Why so? because using such means of supervision and the level of nutrients in the soil is more assured than in planting in paddy fields, orchards or fields. This nutrient-rich plants can be planted by using polybags or pots but my time share tips on how to plant mustard using polybags, why? because the pots or polybags fees or charges are lighter, and use the pot can take advantage of large cans or buckets that have been damaged but can be used as a medium for planting. Before we discuss the Complete Guide How To Grow Mustard In The Pot, it is good we know little about mustard itself, hopefully when we already know the plants we can have an idea in care.
Tips on How to Grow Plants Mustard In The Pot Or polybag Correctly
Plants Mustard
Mustard plant has the Latin name "Brassica juncea L." It is a kind of plant seasonal vegetables. This plant is one with the cabbage family such as cauliflower, broccoli and radishes or called cruciferous (Brassicaceae). Therefore, the mustard plant has a morphology that is almost the same, especially in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of mustard is a type of leaf vegetables are popular with consumers because it contains pro-vitamin A and ascorbic acid is high. There are two types of mustard namely chicory and mustard greens. Both can be grown in the lowlands to highlands.

Growing requirements for this type of commodity is not too difficult. mustard can grow and adapt well in almost all soil types both on land mineral textured light to heavy clay and organic soil like peat. optimum soil pH for cultivation mustard range between 6-6.5 and the optimum temperature for growth mustard 15-20 ⁰C.

Mustard Plant classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Sub Kingdom: Tracheobinonta
Super Division: Spermatophyta
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliophyta
Sub-class: Dileniidae
Order: capparales
Family: Brassicaceae
Genus: Brassica
Species: Brassica juncea L.

Mustard Plant Morphology
In general, mustard plant has three types that can be cultivated, namely chicory, mustard greens, and mustard greens BUMA. Chicory (B.juncea L. Var Rugosa Roxb & Prain) has a nipple short stem, erect, and also has wide dark green leaves. Mustard greens have short stems, leaves whitish and also has a bitter taste. While mustard BUMA have short stems, small and miniature or dwarf plants.
Here morphology of mustard:

Mustard plant has a taproot and root branching elliptical form that spreads onto the surface of the soil, the roots can penetrate the soil to a depth of 30-50 cm. This serves to absorb the element of water and nutrients from the soil.

Mustard plant has a short stem and segmented, so it is not visible. The stem of this plant is used to sustain or support the establishment of mustard leaves. Mustard also has leaves that are very smooth and hairless and has a stalk-shaped flat.

Mustard plant has oval-shaped leaves and round, wide and dark green easy. And do not have fur. The leaves of this plant have a long petiole and short, narrow or wide white to green, is strong and smooth.

Mustard plants have flowers that are elongated and branched. These plants have flowers consisting of four sepals, four petals bright yellow, Four more strands of stamens and one pistil two hollow. Pollination of these plants in the aid with the wind and small animals around.

Fruit and seeds
Mustard plants have fruit round or oval, whitish to greenish, and each one fruit has seeds 2-8 seeds grains. Mustard seed small round brown to black, has a smooth, shiny, hard and slimy.
Tips on How to Grow Plants Mustard In The Pot Or polybag Correctly
To plant in the mustard here there are three steps you should do, namely nursery, planting and harvesting stages it is the same with chilli plant in a pot or other vegetable crops. the following steps:

  • The first prepare a place for seeding, need not utilize buckets or anything that can be used as a nursery.
  • Fill in a place seeding with land that has been mixed organic fertilizer first.
  • Sow mustard seeds on seedling media
  • To further the process of watering, do the watering morning and evening, when the rainy season seeding places unnecessary flush as long as the media is still moist.
  • After the age of about 2 to 3 weeks mustard seeds ready to be planted in pots or polybags.
The process of planting
  • The first prepare another pot or polybag with a diameter of 15 cm, or can be conditioned to those around you, which can be important to be planted 3-5 seeds of mustard.
  • Fill pots or polybags with soil that has been mixed with organic fertilizers you try to size a little more soil than organic fertilizers.
  • After you prepare the soil in pots or polythene bags are now preparing to plant in pots or polybags mustard, mustard seeds unplug process that has you sow, and planted in pots or polybags that you have prepared. You should be careful enough not to break up the root mustard.
  • Holes in each pot or polybags for planting the seeds of mustard, here you can plant a mustard 3 to 5 seeds in each pot or polybags.
  • Once this process is complete flush at least once a day and when old enough 2 times a day, and provide organic fertilizer at least if indeed mustard plant growth less than the maximum or less fertile growing medium.
Mustard plants began to be harvested after 45-50 days old plants. Harvesting is done by pulling or cutting the base of the stem. When the late harvest can cause rapid flowering plants. Mustard freshly harvested plants are placed in the shade, so as not to quickly wither. To maintain the freshness of the vegetables need to be given water by sprinkling.
Tips on How to Grow Plants Mustard In The Pot Or polybag Correctly
So little information that I can convey about Tips on How to Grow Plants Mustard In The Pot Or polybags Correctly, may be useful for the readers, and never be afraid to try, then if never try you certainly do not know how to plant mustard in pot correctly, and please read the guide also grow plants in pots or other polybag, including kale planted in pots, planting ginger in a pot, planted strawberries in pots, plant spinach in a pot and planting leeks in the pot..

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